Jun 23, 2010

something to share

I've been excitedly trying to finished up my reading of this one novel called 'do you come here often?' by Alexandra Potter. it was good to finally - for almost a week nearly come to the ending of the story. well, actually to be honest i was cheating as i peek a look at the last page to know the ending. i can't help it. perhaps that's one of another habit of mine.

it's about how do you know when someone is the right one? i was wondering and curiously searching the answer in the entire story. i probably happen to find it in there.
it stated that
'It's got nothing to do with luck.'
'It's about being with the right man.' and how do we know when someone is the right one?
'you'll know'.

and I'm certain that we will. all of us will (am more to telling myself right now) :)
I know the right ones will fight for this. will stand for the relationship. for 'them'. for their own sake. not for anyone else. not even their alter-ego, selfishness, silliness or anything else in the whole world could defeat them from saving and fighting for the relationship/love they have.

night! i wish I'll find mine. the right man. my Mr right. (I'm not saying that I'm still searching or been waiting patiently, he'd probably standing in front of me). It's just a matter of time and deep within me is hoping and out of all i really wished that i ain't have a bad timing that it wasn't too late.

'After all, they say the best things in life are worth waiting for' Dr. Cupid in the story once told in the novel. wink ;)