Dec 3, 2012

December of the year: wishlist

December has finally arrived. this month is very special of all other month in the whole year. every year, i've always waited for this month to come. this year, December doesn't seems too far. many had happens throughout this year. I've delivered my lovely angel Zara Idzuin the picture above.

so perhaps i just notice that most of my wishlist is about her. (lame) of course la as a mother, she always want everything to be given to her child.mostly of her first year, she hasn't got much things for herself kan? most of the time i found myself doing research what zara's needs that have to fulfill untill i forgot what i actually need for myself. does all mother really have the feeling like i do?

so, anniversary is last month. i'll get something special according to husband. excited over it. can't wait. oh well, here i am to review what else for this year wishlist. nothing much i could say.

Longchamp bird design bag
(already on the way from mama. peace)

Victoria Secret Body Mist
(come to no surprise, husband bought for me yesterday)

all time favorite: chocolate brownies

well, both my wishlist already fulfilled in advance you see. birthday is still another 17 days more but my wonderful people already bought the birthday gift. they just can't wait aren't they? mengalahkan birthday girl pulak (girl lagi ke? dah jadi mama girl dah ni). ok lah, seems that no gift will be given to me during the birthday alright but thought i could have another wish. can i get my favorite brownies chocalatey cake on the date of my birthday. not in advance and not later. haha.