Apr 20, 2013

new job

I am apparently having a new job right now. have been in manufacturing industry (manufacturing panels for aircraft), banking line and now i am entering a new industry yet again. jumping of one another i am currently working for oil and gas company. to be surrounded by oil and gas people, never have i thought of being one of them.

For just a week of this ne phase after having zara, i must say it's quite hard. for i have to leave zara for babysitter and not having a chance to wake up late with her besides. as for the work, it has been hectic. i previously have a honeymoon 1 or  perhaps 2 weeks when started new work life. well, im good with it as long as the pay is good. haha.

zara have difficulties of her first week at babysitter since she got herself an ulcer and the body tempreture is quite high. but above all, i have to admit this is the sacrifices.

oh well, i am in the office doing overtime. this is just a quick update and i have to get back to the workloads that continuously came and messed up my table.

till then