Jan 31, 2010


only Him i can rely on

only to Him i can asked for

i can only cry to him beg him

cause only Him that knows me best

that eventually understand this all

that i believe

he would somehow answer it all

respond to it

i believe

he knows the best

more than i know it myself

he has His own plan

i can only be patience

of waiting what would happen next

of what should i faced in future

to leave everything in His hand is what i felt now


Jan 23, 2010

a sigh

it's been awhile since i last drop something here. i faced a new challenge in life, new environment, new path in life. i've entered to working life. i wonder how abah get thru this. i mean, last time it was his time to seek for income to the family and now onwards, it's me and my brother. i have this mind that always thought of getting things better for my family. i want the parents to be happy. to have what they wanted to have in life. i wanted to take good care of them.

with the help of God, i manage to get a place to work. alhamdulillah. but, if we gain some we'll lose some. yes. i do lost some. i'm not quite sure whether the choice is right or wrong, but when it comes to the parents i know what i did was right. i wanted to be with them all times. i would want nothing else if i have the parents.

i sacrifices. i cried. but, i believe that this is what i have to face. aku redha dengan segala ketentuannya. aku sedar aku cuma manusia biasa. tak dapat lari dari dugaan dan ujian darinya. tapi aku juga sedar, dia akan berikan ganjaran dan hikmah pada setiap hambanya yang bersabar. aku mohon diberikan kekuatan dan ketabahan untuk lalui semua ini. amin.

p/s: orang lain mungkin tak paham, tak tahu apa yang kita rasa/pikir/mahu. walau dengan cuba untuk menerangkan belum tentu akan dapat difahami sepenuhnya. hanya tuhan yang tahu. biarlah segala ditentukan olehnya. aku berserah setelah berusaha.

Jan 2, 2010


didn't say much on my job-seeking and career experiences in most of my entry. it's not that i don't want to share it, somehow i felt kinda embarrass to discuss much bout it (whatever). don't want to be called like 'belum apa-apa dah palu gendang satu kampung'. my intention here is only to share my experience and that's all. not that i've succeeded or want to show off. there's still a long way to go and there's still someone that is better than me but at least i can share some tips.

i experienced 6 interviews so far. applied via email or write-in for almost 20+ companies in Malaysia and almost 30 positions; both public and private sectors. been offered for 3 different positions and companies.

the first interview. at multimedia university, malacca.
position: executive for school relation and promotion program.

it's like a first love. i will not ever forget this. nervous and shaking. the first time of my interview session ended good. not good in sense of the result (i didn't get the job). the interviewers was very nice. 3 of them and happen for only about 5mins. thanks to madam zaharah for the information and help. unfortunately, i've been told that i can't be hired since i haven't graduated (but the truth? only they have the answer). the best part is i was selected candidate amongst others. there's only 7 of us. glad to be one of the shortlisted.

the second interview. at iCimb,KL.
position: executive for electronic banking department.

tough/hard 45mins interview for me among other interview that i've attended. i become (not speechless but) hopeless. i can't find the exact answer to their questions. it's like come to a dead end. i was trapped with my own statement. they provoke. good job to the interviewers. the session had tought me a lot during other interviews. God knows what best for me right. glad that i attended the interview, at least i gained something. even though, i'm the only person who showed up for the interview that day, there are still a thin chance for me. until now, i haven't heard from them.

the third interview was at Hatten Group, Malacca.
position: marketing and leasing executive.

the company manage Dataran Pahlawan; one of the famous shopping complex in Malacca town. developer. it attract my interest. the interview was casual and it happen in a very pleasant atmosphere. and this was only the first session. sigh~ but hey! i pass the first stage. happy for that 40 mins interview.

the forth interview. at Vads, TTDI KL.
position: customer service consultant.

the interview was good. the interviewer was a bit particular. it happen almost one hour. thanks to syafiq and his dad for the help. i appreciate it so much. thank you. the company is tm subsidiary (if i'm not mistaken). i will be in charge in M1 projects if i were to joined the company. deal with Singaporean customer base. interesting yet chalenging. the rumeneration package is good; with allowances and monthly bonus. but having to moved to KL is a big concern to me. to live alone without the parents. alamak! but i still consider it. try to search nearest and cheapest room rental. then, consider the transportation expenses and time consumption. i was dead serious but sadly i had to reject the good news from the company. it is the first good news and first job offer i heard from all of my job application.

the fifth interview. at CTRM Aero Composite, Malacca.
position: Commercial Executive.

the interview session held for about one hour. with my previous interview experience, i've improved. i don't feel any nervousness and i treat all the interviewer as a friend or some people that wanted to know more bout me. they just want to have a chat. positive mind works. i don't expect much for this company. i thought i didn't get the chance. but hey, i got it. i've attended the interview and i was accepted. the third good news for my job application. just my luck. alhamdulillah. this company produce panels/parts for aircraft. try google. i'm in charge in contract management section; excited bout it. tideous work they say, but i can't make any judgement yet; at least not for 4 days of my involvement. lots to learn. have to stay positive.

the sixth interview (don't count this) second stage interview by Hatten Group.
position: refer above.

i've been offered for the job. second good news that i heard. i was interviewed by the executive director and HR person. i accepted it at first. even the salary and the fringe benefit is not that attractive. i'm willing because i'm interested with the job scope. somehow, i felt like.. 'this is still not it, isn't it?'. there's something holds me back. seriuosly, it was a hard decision to make.

then, i wonder i have to know the result for CTRM interview, did i get it or not. i called them for comfirmation since they're the first in my list since i attended their interview session. they said that i was accepted but will call again the next week because the boss haven't sign my offer letter. and that was when i felt like 'finally'. i am very grateful even for this first week of work i felt damn tired and pressured. i can only leave it to Him to lead the way. hoping that everything would be just fine. i faced challenge in a very first place. i would want to be a better and stronger person onwards.

the lesson should be learn in every of our previous experiences. in this case; the interview session. should carefully seek what is lack and what is wrong. try the best to improve in future undertaking. try not to commit the same mistakes. i.e. if you was trapped with your own answers/statement, try to be extra careful during next interview. try to use a very safe statement. play-safe is important in my case. it's alright to pretend/lie/acting, but don't get too overboard. the important is to get hired.

p/s: dedicated for those who interested to read all bout it.

Jan 1, 2010

new year entry again

i'm experiencing a transformation in life, which i hate it so much. i hate changes since before born ;p well, this is life. transformation is for good (or might be for bad). i always believe that everything that God's wrote has it own reasons. i bet, mine as well. my love life, personal, working life, study life and etc. it all happened for reasons. i'm the one who should learn from it. to muhasabah diri. to sit awhile and think deeply why it had to happen. there must be reasons.

i faced challenged in life, i know i can make it this time because a very big prize will come soon if i stay patient. i know i have to accept it. i've gone so far i can't turn back, what's best that i could do is to leave the rest to God after trying the best to work it out. usaha tangga kejayaan. tuhan berikan ujian untuk menguji sejauh mana tahap kita ni untuk dia beri ganjaran atau mungkin ujian/dugaan yang seterusnya.

the new year eve. happy new year. aku mengambil kesempatan ini untuk berubah tidak secara drastic tetapi sedikit demi sedikit. i know now, this is one of the reason why God's wrote my fate this way. every problems have its own solution. aku cuma mampu bertawakal kepada-Nya. aku dah cuba yang terbaik, aku sentiasa berdoa supaya tuhan tunjukkan aku jalannya. amin

.new year review.

it all happen too fast. feels like baru semalam lepas SPM. time envy me so much huh. i've been through so much things in life. even some people might think that it's not as good as theirs or what so ever but i love mine. good or bad it is, it's very essential. all memories, experiences shall not fade. all mine.

there goes my uni life,
there goes my laptop,
my hindi songs,
my favorite songs,
my MJ's songs,
my movies,
my p***,
my picture,
my videos,
my hardship during uni-assignments,
there goes my so-called-pleasure of jalan-jalan satu melaka with mama and cik ani,
there goes my long hair,

too much to list. nanti bila ingat update lagi lah.

well. this is the review. panjang lebar. farewell 2009.

p/s: hello to 2010; A380 FLELP and IOFLE