Dec 26, 2009

it's not the time

rumah aku di pecah masuk baru-baru ini on monday. that damn f**kers stole my laptop, abah's ps2 and mama's zulian things. for everything happen for reasons i believe it did. but the fact that i am so very love my almost-10years-laptop had caused me feeling so damn sad and down. i'm still in trauma. still having nightmares. it's not as easy as saying it 'sabar je la'. yes, because i know there's nothing much that i can do. at least i have to be grateful that we're safe.

tapi lantak lah. the important thing is that my life goes on. i am still trying. trying to recover as soon as possible. i will be entering a new life after this. all the best to me!

Dec 20, 2009



i just love the day. i mean, today.
it's sunday and it's my birthday.
haaaa... so great. to have a birthday on your favorite day.
jyeah! jyeah! i feel like dancing. NO! i'm already dancing.
auuu auuu~ happy birthday girl!!

p/s: i'm happy.

the cake

my free regular birthday pizza. damn sweet!

sedihnya umur dah bertambah

aksi pemotongan kek

birthday present.

antara manusia yang sangat baik dan generous pada hari lahir kali ini. thank you so much korang. appreciate it so much.

orang yang telah diupah. thanks syafiq!

shopping hadiah birthday. thanks manto!

thanks rudy. walaupun tak ada, sempat lagi plan utk awin.

Dec 4, 2009

my month

it's already December. as a December baby, i wait for this month every year. it's the last month of the year.
happy birthday to everyone who was born in december. we rock!!

p/s: a new english book/novel would be perfect for the birthday this year.