Nov 2, 2011

a surprise bridal shower



i've been rarely update my personal blog since I have been busy with things.

So, all the weekends and public holiday for the past 2 months had been very hectic i must say. the best part is when last weekend was supposed to be the week for me and GDO to spend time together. it was at first i thought would be just like a normal 'hang-out' session with stories, watching movie, taking pictures and food.

i never really thought that it could turn out to be a real like so real bridal shower for me. haaha. thanks to all of them. they've got me. the day went as usual as it seems, got up at 7 am then getting ready to meet syafiq and subba and then heading to ampang park station to pick up zetty.

zetty got into wrong train so me and julie couldn't help ourself from having our Mcd breakfast and then met syafiq subba and zetty at old town coffee.

as arrived at putrajaya, they suddenly open up the boot of julie's car and i found myself smiling and laughing don't really know actually how to react when i see the balloon and stuffs ready for the photoshoot. haha. it was so nice and i am touched.

then after the photoshoot session, we went to Chillis KLCC for lunch. that was my first time there and the dishes was delicious. we then went to Pavi to watch movie afterwards and at the mean time of waiting for the movie we get ourself a dessert at the chocolate lounge. it was superb! i enjoy the fruits dip with chocolate.

thank you so much to Subba, Syafiq, Julie and Zetty. it was indeed the best experience and the best moment with you guys. I'm sure that I will definitely miss each one of you for every moment spend with you guys. Tears and joys. love.

it's now time for me to move forward. no turning back, i am going to enter a new phase in life. be it good or bad it is all price that one should pay. Tawakal kepada Allah. Insyallah semuanya bakal dipermudahkan. Experience is the best teacher, one will never know how pain should feel until he really felt it himself.

p/s: it's another 17 days left. pray that everything will work well and that Me and him live happily ever after. amin ya rabbal alamin.