Apr 27, 2010

sharing is caring

i have:

1. preciousca bella
2. orlando ogata
3. baby
4. pentra adora
5. della
6. dixie
7. brownieszathura

i know. i have it all. Alhamdulillah. i wish that life treat me good. :) sometimes when i look back, my life is not that bad somehow. i can still consider myself lucky as compare to other that even worse that me. i pray that they'll have their time. that they'll finally feel that no one's life has been perfect. live your life and remember that everything happen for reasons. just pray that god will give us strength to face it all.

mood: thankful

a sigh

i have flaws
and i have so much scar
that not to be shown

i cried and laugh
i fall and rise
i did it all by myself

you'll have friends n family
who cares to death about you
there's no doubt bout it
but in the end
you'll still die alone

the fact is
no matter how hard
you've been trying
to explain n tell others
bout the thing you feel
bout everything you've thought
anything across your mind
you'll finally find
your ownself who struggling
to find the way out

no one could ever do anything
if you refuse to help yourself
no one would believe you could
if you ignore to feel and believe in you

you could ask help by anyone in the whole world
but remember, still you yourself
who should help yourself at the first place
you are responsible for everything that happen
and god knows
god knows everything
leave the rest to him
and he'll guide you to the right path

Apr 6, 2010


shopping list!!!

1. handphone (the model will be kept confidential)
2. new hair-do
3. debtors settlement (sigh~)

hahaha. whatever. ada aku kesah. ada aku kesah kenapa aku jadi gila macam ni? ada aku kesah on your bloody fuc*king face that you showed? you're a jerk creature. a freaking monster like comes from hell that love making others life miserable. you've dirty heart that you don't deserve to be forgiven yet i still forgive you but i'm not going to forget whatever you've done wrong. since i won't have the chance to give you back, i'm sure God will. certain of that. you just wait. you'll see langit tu tinggi ke rendah. i'm sure one day you'll regret and if you don't well... you're so pathetic. and now i come to my senses that i know why you're not in pink of health. freak you siamang.

Apr 4, 2010

Family Day Program 2010

On 3rd April 2010:

my first family day with friends at work (colleague). I'm one of the committee for this event. I'm having so much fun during, before and after this Family Day. Thanks to all that have supported us from the very beginning.

Well, first love is the deepest some would say. It is to me since it is my first time. I hope that i'll get more chance to do this again in future. hehe. Luckily it all went well even though the time were delayed, it was raining, etc etc.

I will miss this moment. like damn so much :)

p/s: happy dan penat sangat sampai baju pun tertinggal. ahahhaa

Apr 2, 2010

Nokia E71 red

Nokia E72

which one is worth buying?
which one caused less problem to users?
which phone will you recommend to other?
tell me now! ASAP.
could you state the drawbacks and good things bout these phone please, only if you have any. hehe.
sharing is caring aite. tell me bout it ya?
i would really love to know your experiences with the phone.

p/s: Help! Help!

Apr 1, 2010

Photo shoot

jangan jeles. aku pun dah ada photo shoot sekarang ni. macam biasa, bila weekend je kitaorang akan keluar berjalan. kali ni ke pengkalan balak and tanjung bidara. cantik je laut kan? ni sebahagian gambar yang dapat di ambil.

p/s: tak de mood langsung. idea pun tak mau keluar. ni lah hasilnya

award from kobeng


thanks a lot to Kobeng.



  • emotional and sensitive
  • obsessive (only for certain occasion)
  • second child
  • petite person with loud voice
  • love to play bella. like to name her beloved belongings
  • proud/pure johorean
  • favorite number 7 and 2

family vacation

tak dapat ambil gambar mama gan abah pulak. adoi. baru perasan cuma ada gambar tiga beradik jek. macam mana ni?

haha. it's been age since we all went for a vacation. like seriously sangat lama. well, this is a sudden vacation. we actually didn't plan to go to Genting since my brother had planned to take us to Perak. i can't recall what was the name of that place. it's an island. sigh~ (i'm getting older)

So, we went here for 2 days and one night. we arrived there at night, and checked in. the hotel was fully booked, luckily we manage to get one apartment. the place is ok lah. so so. my sister went crying of hating the place. haha. whatever~ the problem is, we were late. we should have booked earlier.

but this time, me and the siblings went to the theme park. it was damn fun. we spent almost the whole day there. most of the time queuing. hahah. yes! it's so much worth it. i'm having so much fun even i cried my heart out over sollero shot. i thought i was going to die. i can't stop screaming and suddenly i realized that i was crying. haha. unintentionally ok.

p/s: nak pergi genting lagi boleh?