Apr 6, 2010


shopping list!!!

1. handphone (the model will be kept confidential)
2. new hair-do
3. debtors settlement (sigh~)

hahaha. whatever. ada aku kesah. ada aku kesah kenapa aku jadi gila macam ni? ada aku kesah on your bloody fuc*king face that you showed? you're a jerk creature. a freaking monster like comes from hell that love making others life miserable. you've dirty heart that you don't deserve to be forgiven yet i still forgive you but i'm not going to forget whatever you've done wrong. since i won't have the chance to give you back, i'm sure God will. certain of that. you just wait. you'll see langit tu tinggi ke rendah. i'm sure one day you'll regret and if you don't well... you're so pathetic. and now i come to my senses that i know why you're not in pink of health. freak you siamang.

1 comment:

syia said...

uiks..win..apsal ganas sgt