Apr 20, 2013

new job

I am apparently having a new job right now. have been in manufacturing industry (manufacturing panels for aircraft), banking line and now i am entering a new industry yet again. jumping of one another i am currently working for oil and gas company. to be surrounded by oil and gas people, never have i thought of being one of them.

For just a week of this ne phase after having zara, i must say it's quite hard. for i have to leave zara for babysitter and not having a chance to wake up late with her besides. as for the work, it has been hectic. i previously have a honeymoon 1 or  perhaps 2 weeks when started new work life. well, im good with it as long as the pay is good. haha.

zara have difficulties of her first week at babysitter since she got herself an ulcer and the body tempreture is quite high. but above all, i have to admit this is the sacrifices.

oh well, i am in the office doing overtime. this is just a quick update and i have to get back to the workloads that continuously came and messed up my table.

till then

Mar 26, 2013

quick review as always

well, it's always been awhile since i last update this blog. dah ada anak sibuk dengan anak je. tak sempat nak menjenguk blog and update. (alah,bkn ada yg baca pun btw)


the last entry was in dec. i have had to update on some of things that happens in

January: ayu's wedding reception and Bandung short trip
Feb: Singapore and USS.
March: lembaga menakutkan in house and zara is turning 6mos and already making her mum busy handling her meal ready on time.

this is just a quick review so that i wont miss to catch up later or perhaps im afraid of forgotting things. Banyak benda nak fikir sekarang. nak kumpul-kumpul maklumat and pictures baru boleh update kan??

zara tengah tido ni. tadi ingat merengek masa dalam buaian nak bangun dah. rupenya mengigau kot bawak turun baringkan dia pi sambung tido balik pulak dah.

Dec 3, 2012

December of the year: wishlist

December has finally arrived. this month is very special of all other month in the whole year. every year, i've always waited for this month to come. this year, December doesn't seems too far. many had happens throughout this year. I've delivered my lovely angel Zara Idzuin the picture above.

so perhaps i just notice that most of my wishlist is about her. (lame) of course la as a mother, she always want everything to be given to her child.mostly of her first year, she hasn't got much things for herself kan? most of the time i found myself doing research what zara's needs that have to fulfill untill i forgot what i actually need for myself. does all mother really have the feeling like i do?

so, anniversary is last month. i'll get something special according to husband. excited over it. can't wait. oh well, here i am to review what else for this year wishlist. nothing much i could say.

Longchamp bird design bag
(already on the way from mama. peace)

Victoria Secret Body Mist
(come to no surprise, husband bought for me yesterday)

all time favorite: chocolate brownies

well, both my wishlist already fulfilled in advance you see. birthday is still another 17 days more but my wonderful people already bought the birthday gift. they just can't wait aren't they? mengalahkan birthday girl pulak (girl lagi ke? dah jadi mama girl dah ni). ok lah, seems that no gift will be given to me during the birthday alright but thought i could have another wish. can i get my favorite brownies chocalatey cake on the date of my birthday. not in advance and not later. haha.

Nov 27, 2012

motherly life

life has been hectic for me eventho i am just a housewife at home with little baby girl. life as a mother for even just this one kid had made my life filled. i am now contended with all that i have in life. i feel almost perfect as a woman to have been a daughter, wife, and now a mother. i wasn't even ready to face all this drastic changes in my life but guess i don't have to.

being a mom and having faced the hussle bussle of it, i tend to find myslef learning and mostly GOOGLE-ing about how to become a good mother and to solve most of my problems. we ought to have a stroller or pram for baby zara. for once i realize that it is a needs because we're going to have to carry her everywhere on earth that we'll be.

zara first flight - she got 10kg for herself and that 10kg was occupied only with her stuff u see. her travel system stroller and carrier. luckily we're in MAS not Airasia cause our stuff altogether has excess with 6kg.wow.. we're late for every reason. mostly because we're still a new parents and i as a person who never knew how to manage a 53days old baby have had to force myself to act like one. nasib mama ada to help us though.

her first stroller that we've bought and still using is esprit sun pluss 11. the stroller is weighted 7.5kg.umbrella like when folded.and her carrier is weighted 3.5kg. we've been using the stroll for about a month now. it still very useful to have to stroll it here and there. yes, it really ease our live aand daily routine.

for a normal human being i have this attitude that most of others had. i went to search about other parents review about strollers that they have. some have more than 1. then, i thought. not that i want to be like them but i suddenly feel like we need a lighter and easier to handle of stroller. yeah, just then i've been eyeing how husband need to bend to fold the stroller that i have to carry baby in hand. how can i made  it if i were to be out with the baby alone without hubby?

then, i saw that combi have the most credit. then i continued to learn about their products. ok, i study all of their products and i think well comfort just suits all my needs and the baby.unfortunately the price is a bit expensive. we just feel that it's kinda too much for just a baby carrier aight. zara have had her own carrier cum car seat cum rocker, stroller and sling. if we were to just add some of those it shouldn't be too expensive. first i thought that my aim for combi will ends there. at least not till i found this one website that sells preloved stroller.. was so relived with eyes wide open!

well, come to my surprise well comfort was not in stock. i was sad. i told them that if they were to have it please do let me know. i thought it might be quite some time for them to come back to me but just my luck after 2 3 days i received their sms saying they have one in stock and are selling it for only RM 395 including postage. i am very happy right now. the day they sms me i just feel that that particular day was so flowery (sukati aku je buat ayat). haha. over

i am waiting for the parcel to arrived. i can't wait!!! bestnya. the products is ultra lightweigh as u can see in the product description above. its weighted is only 4.5kg even zara is heavier and one hand fold. so, i bet i won't have any difficulties to have to carry zara aside while folding the stroller. reversible handle which our esprit stroller doesn't have, we currently just put zara's carrier inside the stroller making the stroller looks even bulky and heavier (stroller + carrier). well, both stroller complete themself, couldn't say more. tak sabar nak test drive combi well comfort yang ada full canopy tu.

p/s: tak nak terlupa update wishlist december ni haha. wait and see

Nov 9, 2012

bundle of joy : let's enjoy confinement!

seperti mommies yang lain selepas bersalinkan anak kita yang comel tentula kita akan melalui fasa yang dikenali sebagai berpantang. aku pantang di melaka rumah parents kat melaka. seawal 29th week of pregnancy aku dah balik semenanjung. sempat la puasa, raya semua kat sana.tinggal la husband sengsorang kat labuan.

ok. nak share sikit la pengalaman pantang. mostly nak share dos and donts yang aku kena buat al kisahnya.

aku memang memilih untuk dijaga mama sendiri senang kan nak reques apa lagipun lebih selesa. tapi seminggu juga berpantangg di rumah mertua di kl.

antara yang paling terkenal dan rasanya semua orang pun tahu bentan adalah yang paling dielakkan semasa berpantang ni kan.antara sebab bentan ada 2 sahaja setakat yang dibertahu orang tua-tua la.

1. jaga ibujari kaki.jangan tersadung or terlanggar apa-apa.
2. jangan silap makan benda sejuk,berduri,berbisa,or melingkar/menjalar.

menu harian aku selalunya;

sementara jahitan belum baik aku jaga sikit tak makan ayam or yang mungkin akan menyebabkan gatal. Alhamdulillah jahitan aku baik selepas 8 hari dah cantum.

ikan tenggiri atau ikan selar kuning masak singgang atau digoreng kering.sekali sekala aku makan juga ikan kering.pernah sekali makan ikan cencaru ada orang kata ikan caru ni tak boleh makan masa dalam pantang, tapi aku makan ok jek.ikan senangin pun orang kata tak tak boleh nanti angin Alhamdulillah ok juga aku makan.

minuman aku hari-hari milo panas je la. duk tengok adik aku minum milo ais feveret pun aku duk teguk milo panas bayangkan konon minum milo ais. haha. boleh kan?

air halia o. mula tu payah juga nak minum tapi bila dah kena sekali terus jatuh cinta. sedap juga halia o ni.sebelum ni kalau nak minum halia bukan main payah lagi biar aku sakit perut berangin-angin dari duk kena minum air halia. mama bg seratus ringgit pun aku memang tak nak minum la.lepas bersalin ni minat pula.

susu enfamama and air masak pun aku minum. air masak memang kena minum banyak-banyak terutama mase menyusukan baby kita memang la jadi kerap haus dan cepat lapar. aku makan sehari berkali-kali sampai mama duk tanya sedara aku boleh ke orang dlm pantang makan banyak. dia takut aku bentan.

biskut kering memang santapan aku setiap pagi dan jadi kudapan setiap kali terasa lapar.

air kopi ke teh memang tak berani try.ade sekali minum kopi, zara tak tido malam pastu hyperactive gila.aku yang gelabah terus serik tak nak minum lagi.konon nak kelainan sikit la tapi lain lak jadinya.

ayam dan daging aku start makan lepas jahitan baik dlm hari ke 8 dan keatas.mase tu rase heaven sikit la kalau tak hari-hari duk mkan ikan je. ayam goreng kunyit la jadi feveret mama masakkan letak sawi.memang sedap. sup ayam atau daging pun aku makan.pizza pun aku bedal juga.tp sekali je la yg papperoni tu semua daging je tapi kalau pizza hut punya chicken soup cecah garlic bread memang aku punya favorite.dkt rumah in law pun in law ada bagi makan ayam kfc. hehe

seafood selain ikan mcm udang,ketam,sotong memang aku tak berani makan.

sayur pun yang aku makan sawi sahaja.takde sayur lain.sesungguhnya aku memang sangat takut kalau bentan sampai mama cakap aku yg lelebih pantang dari dia. haha.dia kata suruh buat biasa je jgn pikir-pikir n takut-takut sgt.

aku pakai set bersalin orang kampung hari-hari kena makan jelly gamat de.Alhamdulillah cepat baik luka aku. ada juga kawan aku subba bagi pati ikan haruan 6 botoll dalam tu 6 hari aku makan habis.kat tempat luka mula sapu ubat kuning kemudian sapu gel antibiotik doc kasi.memang cpt je kering parut pun mcm xde.bekas pun.aku memang jenis tengok luka tu sebab nak tahu mcm mana besar luka kalau tak aku jadi risau lebih-lebih sebab pikirkan luka tu besar la itu la ini la.padahal sikit je.ubat pakai sendiri tengok guna cermin.

antara air-air yang dibenci para mommies ubat periuk dan air kunyit.dua-dua aku dah merasa. ubat periuk set orang kampung tu sedap.sebab ada juga jenis ubat periuk yang pakai akar atau herba yang berbeza-beza.so ada yang xsedap bau n rasanya.air kunyit sempat minum sekali katanya bagus untuk baikkn luka dalam n kecutkan rahim.sepatutnya 3kali kena minum waktu pagi.

dalam kebanyakkan makanan yang mama masak memang mama banyak campur bawang putih,halia dan lada hitam supaya buang angin.memang aku dan zara kuat kentut masa dalam hari. bagusla kan sehat.

lepas bab menu mkn dan minum, beralih pula dkt berurut. korang semua urut berapa kali? haha aku punya cerita kelakar. plan nak 3hari je. tapi penyudahnya disebabkan perkara-perkara yang banyak tak dapat dielakkan. aku berurut sampai 12 hari selama dlm pntang dan dengan 5 tukang urut yang berbeza-beza. tapi paling puas hati mase urut penutup walid jadah ke balikjadah ntah ikut style jawa keturunan aku maknanya pulih seperti sediakala la.dgn zara zara kena urut juga.

mandian pula macam mana? aku memang manja sikit sampai darah nifas abis dalam hari ke 35 memang mama yang mandikan kecuali kalau mama sibuk atau tak sempt je. cuma memang jarang sekali,mama selalu ada siap tolong jiruskn lagi. ok mandi air daun-daun kan?kat laman rumah ada tanam daun pandan gan limau purut je. so pkai 2 daun tu shj.memang segar.air mandian tu suam-suam.tapi bila dah nak hujung-hujung tu aku mandi sendiri n kurangkan sikit suam tu biar sejuk sikit supaya lepas pantang nanti badan tak terkejut nak mandi air sejuk.oh ya, tapi masa pantang rumah mertua aku mandi sendiri je. mandi air suam biasa minta husband tolong jerangkan air and campurkan air dlm besen sebab aku takut nak angkat or buat keje berat-berat.

berbengkung memang aku amalkan dari awal sampai habis pantang.bengkung set orang kmpung memang puas hati.dia ada param dia tapi aku tak guna aku gunal gel dola cantik je.Alhamdulillah mujarab juga.

pilis pun ada dalam set bersalin orang kampung tu. memang aku guna kebanyakan hari tapi kadang skip juga.

stoking memang pakai selalu.seluar aku pakai da 2 hari terakhir sebelum tu memang pakai kain batik la manjang.sweater awal-awal rajin pakai makin lama makin malas sebab badan panas sangat.

bertungku pun aku amalkan juga.

Alhamdulillah selsai juga 40hari pantang dengan jayanya.berat masa nak bersalin 52kg lepas dah bersalin berat turun 40kg sekarang ni.

Bundle of joy: birth of zara idzuin

Zara Idzuin binti Rudy Idzuan
born in September 13th 2012, 9:19am
normal delivery
weight of 2.55kg
48cm body lenght


11:30pm - lebih kurang waktu mcm ni kedai mama dah nak tutup,memang aku hari2 rutin dtg kedai duduk,mkn n tlg apa yg patut.dulu msebujang pun mg aku la yg buat air kat kedai.tetibe rase mcm ade lendir keluar ak pegi cek ditemani mama,rupenya da ade tanda kecoklatan.tapi aku fikir maybe lama lagi la sebab aku punya cousin ade yg da keluar tanda darah lagi tapi belum pun bersalin.so, aku buat xtau je la. Malam tu balik rumah aku tido pakai pad.


4:00am - baru dua jam aku tido dah tersedar sebab rasa mcm nak ke tandas.mama teman n tgk ade tanda coklat tu lagi.kemudian bile nak tido semula terasa mcm sakit perut permulaan sengugut.tak lama lepas tu aku rase makin sakit.sakit yg teramat.aku cakap mama tunggu esok pagi jam 8 klinik buka nak pergi cek.kebetulan pula esok ade appointment juga dgn klinik desa.

5:00am - aku mengalah. Dah sejam aku tahan sakit makin menjadi rasanya.semakin kerap sakit tu datang.sampai aku mengeluh ngeluh. 'sakit ma.aduh sakit ma.' dah meracau racau.mama suruh aku istifar byk drpd meracau.aku terus nak bertolak ke mahkota medical centre (mmc).mase ni aku da cuba call husband beberapa kali tapi tak berjawab sebab dia masih tido rasanya.aku nak suruh dia awalkan ticket yang de dah beli untuk esok hari sebab cuti panjang kan memang da plan de nk balik.cuti hari malaysia. 5:30am - dah sempat sampai mmc yg terletak kat bandar melaka.nasib baik pagi kalau waktu office hour mesti jamm.Allah permudahkan. Alhamdulillah.mama tolong registerkan untuk aku walaupun masih belum dpt contact husband.nasib dia tinggalkan credit card utk kami register.aku dah nekad kalau mmc tak terima aku terpaksa terus ke hospital besar melaka pula.nasib baik semuanya dipermudahkan juga.aku dibawa terus ke wad.mase ni aku sedang bertarung nyawa mengerang kesakitan yang amat sgt smpai tak mampu nak luah dek kata kata.aku hanya mampu byk berdoa dan berzikir dlm hati. Nurse amik berat sebelum ak baring di katil, berat 52kg.

6:00am - nurse dtg untuk pasangkan alat at perut untuk cek jantung baby dan sekali gus cek bukaan.baru 2cm.nurse ckp dkt mama maybe husband sempat smpai sebelum aku bersalin sebab anak first lambat biasanya.1cm sejam utk bukak.maybe dlm ptg nanti baru bersalin.nurse tak kasi minum air selusuh,air zamzam atau apa pun selagi belum 10cm sb nanti sakit lg teruk.mase ni husband pun da bgn dari tido n dah return call balik tapi aku tak mampu nak ckp sebab sakit contraction dtg sentiasa hanya berhenti 3minit sahaja.aku kena tunggu doctor pula dtg cek bukaan lg dlm jam 8 pagi sebab doc akan operate patient pagi tu biasanya.husband cuma cakap sabar banyak banyak dia dah on the way.aku dah tak mampu berfikir dah.

7:30am - sepanjang mase tunggu doctor dtg buat visit, aku sakit contraction sampai mengigil2 pegang bantal.bertukar-tukar posisi sampai beberapa kali juga ditegur nurse sebab jantung baby tak berapa elok maybe dia terbelit tali pusat.aku amalkan zikir yang toksu beri 'uizuhu wahidu sumadu yusra'.mase doctor liu datang utk cek de tengok aku macam sakit sgn meringkuk sampai.he doubt my ability to deliver normal sebab bukaan baru 2cm mcm mana aku nak bertahan smpai 10cm? So dia cek dulu bukaan and it's already 8cm. Dlm mase tak sampai 2jam bukaan aku dah buka byk memang tak percaya.doc liu kata "patutlah dia sakit sangat.labor room now"

8:00am - nurse dtg dgn wheelchair utk bwk aku ke labor room.sebelum tu aku dah diberi ubat cucuk bontot 2 lepas masuk je ubat tu aku terus bersihkan isi perut.waktu ni doctor semua dah uruskan patient yang bersalin operate.deorangda ade appointment. Aku ni kire case mengejut.kalau doc liu xsempat kena doc vincent yg sambutkan baby aku.dr liu operateorg bersalin kembar i think he's not gonna make it sebab aku da xtahan sakit sgt.mase ditolak ke labor room aku minta nurse bagi mama masuk tp xtau kenapa sampai kesudah mama tak masuk-masuk.aku sorang.tapi biarlah waktu tu dahtak mampu pikir.nurse tanya suami mana aku hanya mampu cakap husband baru nak naik flight.i know deep down he's not gonna make it tp aku masih berharap.de ckp de nak masuk labor room sama dgn aku.tapi tuhandah aturkan.aku terpaksa redha. Masuk labor room je stafnurse cek bukaan lagi.pastu terus call doc tanya doc mana yg dah nak siap doc liu or vincent.so doc da diberitahu ade patient tunggu deorg akan terus turun right after theoperation.

8:40am - aku tanya nurse jam pukul berapa sebab aku dah tak tahan nak kencing.tapi stafnurse tak kasi aku kencing sebab de rase nanti anak aku terkeluar sb mase masuk je labor room memang aku da ready bila-bila mase je.bukaan da 10cm.aku masih berselirat dgn tali di perut.sekejap-sekejap kena tukar posisi sebab jantung zara tak berapa kuat takut lemas.nurse pasang air kat tangan then aku diajar cara bernafas yg betul mase contraction.it works.tapi aku masih tak henti baca zikir dan selawat.sakitnya sampai bengkok badan aku menahan sakit sebab aku dah rasa zara akan keluar kepala die da betul-betul berada di bawah n kakinya kat atas.mase ni aku terdengar stafnurse call bilik operation doc vincent tgh finishing maybe tgh jahit kot.

8:50am - aku tanya lagi jam pukul berapa.doctor utk baby dah sampai.doc karen perempuan cina.tinggal tunggu doc vincent sebab stafnurse call de da on handset.tapi masih takangkat phone.so stafnurse tu assume doc da on the way terus ke labor room.dia da siap-siap pakai baju mcm rain coat tu.yg lain pun sama.kemudian nurse sorang tu inject kat peha kiri dia kata utk kuman ke apa mcm tu la.aku pun dah pasrah time tu org nak buat apa buat la.aku ikut dan dgr je.asalkan selamat.kemudian stafnurse terus pecahkan ketuban.sebelum ni de tak nak pecahkan ketuban sebab takut zara terus meluncur keluar.

3minit selepas tu doc vincent masuk labor room.akhirnya.... Lega aku rasa.kemudian dgr deorg ckp breech la tak boleh la apa la.aku mase tu da strt mengerang tak tahu mcmmana nak teran sebenarnya.tapi kemudian dgr doc vincent kata chin up.boleh normal.she can push.terus nurse and stafnurse bg galakkan utk push.aku tak tahu macam mana aku boleh senang terima dan paham masa nurse cakap push,aku terus push kemudian terasa macam nak tarik/lepas nafas tapi nurse terus jerit 'lagi.panjang-panjang.' apa yg panjang pun aku tak tahu tapi aku terus teran lama-lama.Alhamdulillah sekali push zara pun keluar jam 9;19am.terus terkeluar 'Allahuakbar' then nurse senyum cakap Alhamdulillah. Kemudian dgr suara zara nangis.masetu dah tak fikir apa lega teramat kalau tak maybekena operate nasib baik zara kecik 2.55kg sahaja.memang rare case.maybe sebab tali pusat terbelit jadi zara da mengeliat mase contraction tu sampai muka dia yang keluar dulu.

Doc karen terus sambut zara.aku tengok dia jolok hidungdan mulut zara.kesiannya.kalaulah papa dia ade sekali menyaksikan.kesian husband tak sempat sampai.mungkin ade hikmahnya tu.kemudian terdengar bunyi air turun mase doc tekan-tekan perut untuk keluarkan uri.terasa mcm keluar baby gak besarnya tu hehe.tapi dah xkesah org nak buat apa da.kemudian doc karen bawak zara sebelah aku untuk aku cium and de tunjuk alat kelamin zara. Doc vincent da mula start nak menjahit sebelum tu dia minta permission inject bius sikit di bahagian nak jahit tu.so total 2x injection la.tak sempat pun nurse nak tanya epidurak ke apa ke aku punmemang tak nak request kalau boleh.mula tak terasa sangat tapi bila zara keluar dari labor room tu je bau terasa mcm ngilu sikit la ditarik2 kat kawasan tu kan.bila masa doc gunting tu pun aku tak perasan sebenarnya maybe mase aku tgh sibuk fikir mcm mana nak push tu doc da gunting.tak da class apa pun utk tau careteran tu cuma orang kata jgn angkat bontot n tekan leher.aku memang tak angkat bontot sebab katil dia khas ade penahan kaki jadi kaki memang terletak cantik n tangan aku paut tepi katil.memang automatik bontot tertekan ke bawah.leher tu aku tak sure katanya takut berbekas kalau teran kebawah kena angkat tapi aku tak reti la.maybe aku da siap-siap angkat kepala nurse pun xde suruh angkat kepala.

Sambil doctor jahit sambil kami berbual rupenya doc vincent jiran setaman dgn mama.then nurse tanya aku sakit ke doc jahit tu.aku ckp sakit contraction tadi lg sakit.so nurse tu ckp kat doc de salute la aku patient yg tahan betul sakit tu xkeluar suara terjerit-jerit ke apa kalah org lain yg lebih besar n berumur dr aku.tak padan kecik.aku just senyum n ckp nurse juga yg ajar suruh selawat lgpun time selawat dlm hati n bernafas dgn betul ssh la nak keluarkan suara n berckp byk2.aku tanya doc jahit banyak ke.5jahitan sebab zara face presentation tapi daripada czer doc kata lebih baik awak normal jahit sikit je. doc kata dia guna benang yg akan meresap kat daging so tak payah risau jahitan nk bukak ke apa.lepas jahit tu doc minta kebenaran nak seluk keluarkan darah beku lagi, de cakap akan sakit sikit tapi ok ok la aku rasa tu.

Keluar dari labor room husband da atas flight phone da off.tapi lepas de turun kat kk rsenya sb flight de labuan-kk-kl.aku pun xsempat tanya byk de ade kesempatan je de terus call.dalam jam 3ptg baru husband sampai mmc n bawak baby ke katil aku.husband qamatkan anak,dia nak tanamkan uri mama kate beberapa kali pesan mama abah jgn tanam de nak tanam sendiri.kalau boleh memang semua dia nak buatkan.tapi apapun semuanya dengan izin Allah.malam tu husband yang teman kat hospital sebab discharge esok tghari.semua org pelik tengok aku bertenaga je smpai ade nurse muda tu tanya, "tak sakit eh kak bersalin?tengok akak ni mcm baru lepas lumba lari je mcm biasa je." ye ke? Tapi aku ckp kat de sakit tu memang sakit la.tapi tak tahu apesal mata tak nak lelap tak rasenak tido pun walhal malam sebelum tu aku tido 2jam je.orang pun tak putus call.Alhamdulillah syukur semuanya selamat.

hanya tuhan sahaja yang tahu perasaan melahirkan hamba Allah ke dunia ni.betapa besarnya pengorbanan seorang ibu ni.sebak bila terfikir.masa tu rasa sayang sangat dekat mama.mama kata aku at least senang juga  bersalin sakit tak lama.masa dia macam-macam dugaan.itu pun aku rasa serik and trauma juga sebenarnya tak dapat dibayangkan kalau yang lagi sakit dari aku yang kena tahan sakit lebih lama dari aku.bahagian masing-masing kan?aku selalu fikir macam tu.tuhan tu kan maha adil. maybe yang sakit kena tahan wad berhari-hari tu husband dia ade sekali.mcm kes aku pula husband jauh tak sempat nak ada sama sebab tu tuhan permudahkan perjalanannya.apapun aku bersyukur dan redha.semoga kami dirahmati dan diberkati sentiasa. amin ya rabbal alamin.

Nov 8, 2012

bundle of joy : having zara in me

it was after our honeymoon to Bandung Indonesia and it was right after new year. i felt something strange in my body and my mens hadn't yet come guess it was just a normal change for a normal just married woman so i took some jamu to help the mens to come but not a chance. when arrived Labuan me and husband decided to had a UPT test so we did. fortunately it was a positive sign. try it two times and the result still the same.guess we need to consult a doctor and we did the next day.

doctor had asked me to stop taking the jamu and he scanned the tummy maybe it's still really tiny we cant see any. the doctor wants us to come another week cause my womb is already getting bigger but he cant tell yet cause the symptoms of getting a period will also made my womb getting bigger.

so the next week i went to another clinic to scan the baby and now we managed to see our little angel, i'm already 8 weeks that time. only God knows how wonderful the feeling was. not to mention we still in shocked and couldn't believe that we're going to have a baby and really start a new family.

from that moment i can't wait to know her gender, to feel her kicking, and everything. well, as other mommies have felt the morning sickness i do too. it wasnt good but i try to tell myself to stay positive about it even if it's hard. i got this feeling of nausea over rice, asam pedas, seafood even i do love asam pedas so much i just cant tolerate it anymore. so i don't know what to do, i cant fill my stomach and there i got gastrix. doctor gave antacid only cause pregnant mother cant simply took any medicine. cuba juga makan asam untuk hilangkan loya, tomyam, and fresh oren then my gastrix got worse until i was going to get admitted in ward just because my keytone's getting high. tapi aku berkeras tak nak stay 2 hari tu. husband would like me to stay but i still dont want to, so husband cakap doctor that he will bring me back another 2 days untuk tengok thp keytone dan air dlm badan sebab aku terlalu kering. pregnant lady have to drinks lotsa water. luckily 2 days after that i'm doing good. right after that i know i can only tolerate meggie cup. at least that's the only makanan yang aku boleh telan. asam aku gantikan dengan gula berangin, it works.so ku tak akan kena gastrix dgn elak makan makanan masam tu. oh ya, honeystar memang selalu ada dkt dgn aku sbgai kudapan sb aku kerap lapar. muntah2 still ada biasanya malam tapi kadang2 ade juga pagi tu muntah2.

ade org tak boleh bau husband la tak boleh tengok muka husband la but as for me it's diffrent sebab aku suka sgt tgk muka husband maybe kata orang sebab anak dlm kandungan tu perempuan so dia akan tertarik pada lelaki dan kalau anak dalam kandungan tu lelaki dia lbh cenderung untuk suka tengok perempuan dan kebiasaannya ibu yg ngandung anak lelaki tu suka tgk muka sendiri di depan cermin. ini aku terrbaca je tak tahu betul x.

every month i went to scan the baby. morning sickness cuma berakhir pada 11-12 weeks of my pregnancy. around that time aku dah berada di europe untuk honeymoon kami yang kedua.balik dari travel i went for a check up to check whether baby's doing great. ternyata aku agak byk bergerak n jln so baby punya position di atas uri, low lying but the doctor said it's only 16 weeks nothing to worry cause baby will accordingly change the position over time.so aku rehat secukupnya, minum susu enfamama coklat banyak2, jaga pemakanan,kurangkan buat kerja berat dan berjalan dan paling penting berdoa banyak2.

Alhamdulillah the next weeknya i went for another check up sb nk scan baby's gender da xsabar.doctor kata dah tak low lying and baby is a girl. betul kata orang tua2 naluri ibu tu yang sebenarnya paling tepat.during this time aku dah rasa zara's kickings siap ada rakam video lagi.too excited no words can describe.

setiap bulan berlalu mcm biasa until in Ramadhan aku akan balik semenanjung untuk bersalin di melaka. kena mintak surat doctor since baby is already 29th weeks. naik air asia xsilap 27-31 weeks kena ade surat kebenaran doctor and kena isi borang dr air asia mase nk fly tu nanti. so we did it all and managed to fly to melaka with the accompany of my parents sebab husband keje tak boleh nak ikut sama.as arrived melaka buat check up di klinik gov melaka je la.

masa mengandungkan zara aku memang kuat makan. in 35, 36th week ramai orang ckp perut da nampak ke bawah sgt n ada yg ckp nmpk mcm lelaki sb perut kedepan.maybe deorang xnmpk aku sbnrnya mengembang kot tepi sb aku ni kecik je.da nk bersalin pun berat baru 52kg shj.aku suka sangat makan kari masa mengandung ni.nasib baik juga tak de mengidam benda-benda pelik. ade pun aku nak kek batik sarawak, sagun, dan gula tarik. gula tarik je xdpt tp Alhamdulillah zara xngences pun. hehe.

ini lah pengalaman mengandungkan zara untuk ingatan aku sama.