Nov 27, 2012

motherly life

life has been hectic for me eventho i am just a housewife at home with little baby girl. life as a mother for even just this one kid had made my life filled. i am now contended with all that i have in life. i feel almost perfect as a woman to have been a daughter, wife, and now a mother. i wasn't even ready to face all this drastic changes in my life but guess i don't have to.

being a mom and having faced the hussle bussle of it, i tend to find myslef learning and mostly GOOGLE-ing about how to become a good mother and to solve most of my problems. we ought to have a stroller or pram for baby zara. for once i realize that it is a needs because we're going to have to carry her everywhere on earth that we'll be.

zara first flight - she got 10kg for herself and that 10kg was occupied only with her stuff u see. her travel system stroller and carrier. luckily we're in MAS not Airasia cause our stuff altogether has excess with we're late for every reason. mostly because we're still a new parents and i as a person who never knew how to manage a 53days old baby have had to force myself to act like one. nasib mama ada to help us though.

her first stroller that we've bought and still using is esprit sun pluss 11. the stroller is weighted 7.5kg.umbrella like when folded.and her carrier is weighted 3.5kg. we've been using the stroll for about a month now. it still very useful to have to stroll it here and there. yes, it really ease our live aand daily routine.

for a normal human being i have this attitude that most of others had. i went to search about other parents review about strollers that they have. some have more than 1. then, i thought. not that i want to be like them but i suddenly feel like we need a lighter and easier to handle of stroller. yeah, just then i've been eyeing how husband need to bend to fold the stroller that i have to carry baby in hand. how can i made  it if i were to be out with the baby alone without hubby?

then, i saw that combi have the most credit. then i continued to learn about their products. ok, i study all of their products and i think well comfort just suits all my needs and the baby.unfortunately the price is a bit expensive. we just feel that it's kinda too much for just a baby carrier aight. zara have had her own carrier cum car seat cum rocker, stroller and sling. if we were to just add some of those it shouldn't be too expensive. first i thought that my aim for combi will ends there. at least not till i found this one website that sells preloved stroller.. was so relived with eyes wide open!

well, come to my surprise well comfort was not in stock. i was sad. i told them that if they were to have it please do let me know. i thought it might be quite some time for them to come back to me but just my luck after 2 3 days i received their sms saying they have one in stock and are selling it for only RM 395 including postage. i am very happy right now. the day they sms me i just feel that that particular day was so flowery (sukati aku je buat ayat). haha. over

i am waiting for the parcel to arrived. i can't wait!!! bestnya. the products is ultra lightweigh as u can see in the product description above. its weighted is only 4.5kg even zara is heavier and one hand fold. so, i bet i won't have any difficulties to have to carry zara aside while folding the stroller. reversible handle which our esprit stroller doesn't have, we currently just put zara's carrier inside the stroller making the stroller looks even bulky and heavier (stroller + carrier). well, both stroller complete themself, couldn't say more. tak sabar nak test drive combi well comfort yang ada full canopy tu.

p/s: tak nak terlupa update wishlist december ni haha. wait and see

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