Feb 21, 2012


Marriage was just a dream for me.
I bet for every other girls out there.
It has been the lifetime plan for the big day.

I'm entering this new phase in life.
My dream had finally come true.
And i finally found a guy that was meant for me.

Paris was just a place that i diely wanna be.
I always remember how i fancy eifel tower.
How i wish that i could have a picture of me there.

I begin yo realize that miracle always happen.
At least i know now how wonderful the feeling is.
That now i have the ticket to be there at once.

Alhamdulillah. I am praying a lot for this coming journey that i've been looking for,would run smoothly. I couldn't ask for more. I thank my husband for his efforts to have made all the preparation. I love him with all my heart. When everyone else is still searching for the right person in their lives, i had found him and am so glad. Above all, he is the dream come true for me.