Jul 18, 2010

Pain in reality

Yes. for i have been busy lately. With something personal indeed. Ehemm. (with face down to cover the blush on my cheek)

Well, i'm going to write about something more personal and a bit sensitive here but the reality is rather painful isn't it?

No.this has nothing to do with me n my bloody life, alright. I have to put this before everyone who ever read this could jump into false judgment.haha.

I'm sure most of us have read and heard the news bout 'peterporn'. I'm here just to add up some opinion. Might be at good or bad side. What else to say,it had spread to all of us.everyone's talking bout that i supposed.

I pity both of them in the scene/video.i wanted to know how the story ends and hope that this story doesn't ends like other stories that just remain close and blown with the wind.

irony.i want this to be stopped but at some point i want the investigation to get its final result.the laptop of that male singer has been stolen and unfortunately all that dirty x-rated video is in there.i bet this must be the male singer sex collection or what-so-ever it's his personal.if he were really intended to spread it to the whole world he should did that long ago but he didn't.he kept it safe to himself until the laptop was stolen.damn that robber. but ya, i did wonder does the laptop really got stolen? i have no clue at all.

if he were to be charged under his action of spreading the video,it's not fair.only if it's proven true that he's found guilty.but if he's charged under doing 'sex' before marriage,maybe it is rather fair.does they even muslims?i don't know.huhu

p/s: i don't know? I should have known before even writing bout this at first place but i just feel like writing it so i did.this is just an opinion and a feeling to be shared or not.