Mar 30, 2009

favorite movie

i like this movie!! though i don't have the cd but i've watch the movie that i borrowed for many times. now, i miss to watch it since i've given back the cd. really felt like wanna watch it damn so much. and and i want to suggest this movie to you guys. my own opinion of this movie would be:

1. rare and one of a kind
2. not too slow and not too fast
3. moderate yet so damn interesting
4. i've watch the actors and actresses act before but don't seems interesting to watch them as they were in this movie.
5. plus! this movie have lotsa great songs and the theme song is by GIGI

i can't really explain this though. catch it out yourself. no promises. if you are interested, try watch this movie. chill!

Mar 29, 2009

Earth Hour

hai to all!

have you guys heard of the 'Earth Hour'?

something that got to do with the global warming and all. if i'm not mistaken, Malaysia fall for no 7 to support this event. Welldone! (the lucky 7, i like! hehe). Many local celebrities also were involved in supporting this event.

at first, i was thinking to participate and support it and turn the light off today at 8.30pm for one hour. well, i did swith off all the lights at home before going to 'kedai' to help mama around 6.30pm. but i am pretty sure abah had turn it on when he went back home for maghrib prayer. know what? i just let it be. hehe.

at 'kedai', we didn't turn off the lights although we were aware of it since the TV is on and TV3 (tv station that support this charity event) reminded everyone to participate. we were busy serving the customers, i don't think it is an appropriate action to be taken coz i still think it's kinda rude to switch it off while people were busy eating. but i saw Petronas station nearby did switch the lights off for an hour (salute them!). Good job!

well, what's on my mind is.. and what me and some people at 'kedai' were discussing on our disagreement of the chosen time to switch off the lights which is 8.30 pm. we think that it's a peak time and during that time, people were busy doing their necessary things or might be doing things that's very important to be finished. what we supposed is to make it at midnight or later than the time chosen.

the event had past. nothing else we can do or i could do. maybe they have millions of good reasons behind all this of why they had to choose that particular time, or any other things related.

Overall, i still think that this event is good to unite people and it's kinda fun actually.
welldone Malaysians!

Mar 27, 2009

the answer

wanna know some funny answer for tagged thingy entry that i wrote previously?

my cousie Aliah actually tagged me for the entry that i've posted before she gives the permission or saying that she's tagging me. doh! why am i so slow? haha.

and and my friend,

Fyz said that she has tagged me too, but she is actually not tagging me at all. she linked me on her blog.

Mar 26, 2009

reminder to myself!

live your life! care a damn with people who talks behind your back. you can't even stop them though. just stay the way you are. be proud of what you have (but please don't get too overboard). live the life for your own good, your own happiness. ignore people that don't bother to appreciate your hardship, your sincerity and your kindness. stop pleasing them babe.. move on! perhaps you will never know what you will get in future, what will you found along the way. heard this once 'smile! because you never know who might fall for your lovely smile'. aren't it true? if you want to cry along the way, just go with it. no one push you to. but don't blame anyone if you were to be left alone in this entire world. well, to live life to the fullest is important. your life, your choice! you decide it. if you are not the one who fight for your happiness, who would?


oh my God! what is wrong with me?! why can't i find the tag to be done when people tell me that they have actually tagged me? what am i supposed to do without refering to the tag? i really wanna do the tag so much right now but i cant even find it myself. is it me who miss to spot the tag? or they who forgot that they dont tag me? or they post it somewhere else, or etc etc. i need tagg!!!!! please!

fun time

A : has a smile to die for
B : is a nerd at times
C : can kick ur butt
D : great friend
E : has beautiful eyes
F : wild and crazy
H : makes people laugh
I : best boyfriend or girlfriend
J : is really sweet
K : gorgeous
L : very good kisser
M : is loved by everyone
N : easy to fall in love with
O : gives good hugsS
P : popular with all types of people
Q : like someone
R : has one of the best personalities ever
S : makes dating fun
T : has a smile to die for :}
U : can be funny and dumb at times
V : very romantic and not judgemental
W : not bad
X : never let people tell u what to do
Y : very HOT
Z : nice butt

Conclusion, i am........

A : has a smile to die for (*wink wink. jangan jelous)
Z : nice butt (ops! am i? thanks)
W: not bad (is this means im moderate? so ok la..)
I : best boyfriend or girlfriend ( yes i am. try me! haha)
N : easy to fall in love with (hmm... no comment.)

-taken from my lovely cousie ALIAH syazwani. feel free to try it!

Mar 25, 2009


i had a week of holidays for midterm break. this is what i've been long for, to finally get rest and finish my work without a busy life of needed to go to class and meeting for assignment.

before the hols begins, me and friends had gathered to discuss what should we do for marketing plan assignment and for that, i've been left with works for the hols. unfortunately, i fall sick and my lappy was infected with virus. such a damn damn situation isn't it?

however, everything is under control now, with the help of some friends and family support, i manage to handle it all. thanks to them. too much things happen beyond our expectation rigth? i'm getting better and my lappy is ok now. so, i decided to start with tons of works that waiting me.

i need to study for finance and e-commerce (midterm exam), need to finished up with the questionnaire for the Final Year Project, i have to finish up the assignments (retail management trip, marketing plan, study the Aligator case, Finance, etc etc). damn! it is too much now. (i 'damn' on things too much am i? sorry. no offense) luckily, im getting better now. or else i can't even do anything with this unwell body. i will only be lying down and do nothing. that's why i hate to fall sick. the time is tick tacking so i need to get going. all the best and have a nice day to all!!

p/s: try clicking at the ads on my left side of blog. it's about showing malaysian are united. i don't quite understand it. hehe. but what i'm sure is there will be something going on on 28th March from 8.30 pm. so.. beware!

my way by frank sinatra

And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, Ill say it clear,
Ill state my case, of which Im certain.

Ive lived a life thats full.
Ive traveled each and evry highway;
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Regrets, Ive had a few;
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course;
Each careful step along the byway,
But more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, Im sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall;
And did it my way.

Ive loved, Ive laughed and cried.
Ive had my fill; my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that;
And may I say - not in a shy way,
No, oh no not me,
I did it my way.

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows -
And did it my way!

p/s: lirik lagu ni mendalam sangat. this song is one of my favorite songs.

Mar 15, 2009

lyrics to share

sepi by Yuni Shara

Sepi hati terjadi lagi
Mungkin sampai mati aku sepi
Biar senyum hadir di hariku
Namun ini hanya ada di bibir
Di bibir saja

Aku ini yang bisa mengerti
Walaupun yang lain mau mengerti
Namun berat beban di hidupku
Biarkan saja biar saja
Hanya ku yang tahu

Sejarah cinta dan hidupku
Penuh duri dan banyak ranjau
Butuh kesabaran yang penuh
Untuk tetap kuberdiri

Oh! ada saatnya kubicara
Bila hatiku t'lah bulat
Sepanjang ku bisa atasi semua
Aku tetap diam

Oh! sejarah cinta dan hidupku
Penuh duri dan banyak ranjau
Butuh kesabaran yang penuh
Untuk tetap ku berdiri

Oh! ada saatnya ku bicara
Bila hatiku t'lah bulat
Sepanjang ku bisa atasi semua
Aku tetap diam..

p/s: i've been listening to this song for many times right now.
even now, the song is repeatedly play in my playlist.


last weekend, we actually did went to pantai puteri. it was great!

1. me and the sissy
2. abah. with the rockstar superstar book in hand. u can even see along back there near his beloved car

for this weekend, i have a date with love one. it was awesome since we haven't met since almost two months back. missing him? of course i do. but we're just a human bein
gs. we can't do anything with faith aren't we? i am not the perfect one. i commit mistakes and sins. i admit that i have my own bad attitudes that people can't stand with. but i am myself. i am very sorry if i have hurt anyone in this entire life. really am sorry for wrongs that i've done and caused. i know sometime sorry doesn't seem to be enough to heal the hurt but what else can i do to it? no matter how hard i tried to pretend it to others but i know i can't lie to myself. my heart aching too sometimes. but again.. 'what else can i do?'. i believe that some things won't be the same as before, but i will try harder this time to accept all the consequences. i will try harder to understand and to control my emotion to stay strong to stand on my own feet.

well, i've snapped some photos. we went to jonker walk for my
retail trip report and went to watch movies (jin hutan and geng)

1. coz i like this picture.
2. coz he wanted me to put this picture though. (ya. i look horrible. sigh*)
3. haha. this picture make me laugh. damn!

i went to pantai puteri with mama abah and man. we were having fun watching kak linda's sons went fishing. they love it, i can see that. we went there just to go sight seeing and then we ate at some place there. the mee bandung was nice though. well, that's all for the weekend. need to continue with my assignments and study for coming exam. there's too much things happen this week. things are getting tougher nowadays. i just can't even complaint it to anyone right now. people come and go in lifes and so do things that pass through us everyday. it is damn hard for me. however, i know i have to be strong to face all the obstacle. may ALLAH bless me and show me the right path for all this. He is the all-mighty. i hope i can overcome all this. amin

.like mother like daughter.

Mar 11, 2009

tagged from ekin

Do u think you' are hot?
hehe. sometimes, but im sure i am not hot.

Upload a favourite picture of you:

Gives three reason why u like that picture:
1. love the hair in this picture
2. love the smile (entah bila boleh tengok senyuman camtu lagi)
3. love the picture though

When was the last time u ate pizza?
january '09

The last song u listen?
i did it my way-frank sinatra

What are u doing right now besides this?
sms-ing, chatting at ym

What name you prefer besides yours?

People to tag:
1. syia
2. julie
3. azra
4. vee
5. dean

Who is number one?
lovely friend

Number three is having relationship with?

Say something about nombor five?
he is himself. *wink

How about number four?
a friend

Who is number two?
juliana shahida. what u expect?

Mar 10, 2009

life's rock!

"eh. bengang je gan teacher tu kan? what did she asked you earlier?" Christ sibuk tanya aku sebab dia kena marah dengan cikgu English kerana dia selalu tak datang sekolah, sama lah dengan aku. 'teacher' adalah panggilan untuk cikgu English kami, wanita berbangsa India yang dah menjangkau usia 5o lebih.

sebenarnya ni kali pertama dia bual dengan aku tapi aku layan kan saja la. mungkin dia tanya aku sebab aku pun kena marah juga sebelum dia tadi. 'teacher' ugut nak minta nombor telefon mama atau abah kononnya nak gertak supaya aku mengaku yang aku ponteng sekolah dan melepak tempat lain. padahal, memang aku ada rumah dan mama abah pun sedia maklum aku tak datang sekolah sebab malas. aku baru beberapa bulan pindah sekolah tu. mereka paham aku masih tak dapat sesuaikan diri dengan suasana baru dan masih rindukan tempat lama. tapi 'teacher' aku tak kan paham kot.

"entah la." balas aku tersenyum,
hampir tak menjawab soalan tadi gara-gara cuba mengawal perasaan tertanya-tanya dan terkejut.

mungkin muka aku ada menunjukkan riak terkejut sebab pertama kali dia tegur aku. entah dia perasan ke tak, tak tau la. selama ni aku cuma dengar dari mulut classmate je. cerita pasal dia pun budak baru tapi masuk sekolah tu tahun lepas.

"dia macam melayu tapi sebenarnya bukan islam" teringat kata-kata rakan sekelas pasal Christ. rupanya Christ kacukan India dan Cina. memang la serupa Melayu.

sebelum aku sambung lagi ayat seterusnya, aku cuba menulis sesuatu atas kertas soalan SPM yang Rozie bagi sekejap tadi. "Ariana Razman" agak besar tulisan aku di situ. tak kesah la, janji nanti tak tertukar dengan kertas orang lain dan sebenarnya supaya aku ingat untuk bawa balik kertas soalan tu nanti.

"alah, dia cuma nak tau kenapa tak datang. buat malu aku je kena marah depan kelas. siap minta nombor parents aku sebab dia nak mengadu aku lepak Mahkota" sambungku. masa ni kami berdua ketawa. kelakar jawapan aku ni agaknya untuk dia. memang kelakar untuk aku sebab aku tak reti nak ke Mahkota sendiri kalau tak mama yang bawa ke sana. belum sempat dia buka mulut, aku dah mula sambung ayat aku tadi.

"semalam dia panggil adik ko naik kelas. kesian dia, kena soal siasat. i bet he really felt embarrass that time. why don't you come?" panjang lebar. mesti dia kata aku banyak cakap ni. lantak lah.

aku jarang borak dengan lelaki dalam kelas ni sebab pada mereka perempuan dengan lelaki tak bergaul sangat kecuali kalau kau makwe dia. aku pun tak paham. selama ni, aku tak pernah pula terfikir sekolah baru aku akan jadi macam ni. agak sukar untuk aku sesuaikan diri. kalau kat tempat lama, kitaorang selamba je. dah biasa kalau borak-borak dengan lelaki. banyak benda boleh discuss. study pun campur lelaki dan perempuan gi library. jadi, to fit in aku banyak mendiamkan diri dan buat hal aku sendiri daripada nak sibuk hal diaorang. malas. sebab tu aku jarang datang sekolah. bosan lah. it is not as interesting as my former school was. ya, it kinda change me, my perception on school, and how to socialize with friends.

p/s: mungkin akan bersambung. tapi rasa macam untuk bacaan sendiri dan kepuasan diri sendiri je ni.haha. apa-apa la win, asalkan ko bahagia sudah la kan? gudnite. esok meeting and presentation. Gudluck though!


bestest bestfriend

i have been telling a lot about myself, about what i like and dislike, introduce this and that in my life. now, i would love to tell more about my friends back in Johor. basically, the photos below are my best friends from secondary school except the two of them, rahmah and jiah coz i know them since primary. i wish i can turn back time. to be with them like we used to. but know that things won't be the same as before. time change our life. if i were to live in pontian, johor still, i won't be able to spend the time with them like before. we all have our own life, to achieve what we need to achieve in life to work and continue the studies. oh i miss them so much now.

mocha with rahmah (bestest bestfriend.always will be)

few hours ago i message her telling her something important to me and might be to her as well. the engagement has been postpone. as usual, she is the first person to know this (other than my family). i always wanted her to be here with me. this has been very hard for me lately but i knew i have life to move on with. I'm not sure how to tell the others but I'm sure this is not the point and it's not a big deal at all. might be because i think too much that cause me a headache. me and her doesn't contact to often though but we both care for each other. we share everything we could especially important things. we advice each other to keep holding on with life, to handle life well, to coop with anything that come along the way, to manage own self and always remind each other how important life and future are. so, that is basically bout us. she is the most closest friend to me even we haven't met for ages.

mocha with jiah

her name is najiah. me, her, and rahmah are friends since primary school. i knew her in standard 4. she is my classmate and met rahmah in standard 6 and since that time rahmah had become my closest friend. i used to hung out at jiah's house after school since her house is just in front of our school. a lot of memory there. i believe we won't even forget that.

mocha with nazra

i met nazra in secondary school. we became close since form3. it's a bit later compare to rahmah and jiah. we used to have boyfriend that are friend too so we will have a double date. but that was then. i miss those time, really.

mocha with ayu

she really look like her name 'ayu' (beautiful i guess). she always act mature compare to the other. she is cool. i knew her since form 3 same with nazra. now she's working and everybody is busy with their own life and they had other friends for sure. things really change but I'm sure we're still good friends. i miss them so much and really do want to meet them.

Mar 8, 2009


I'm in love!!!

oh my! i know now. i knew this feelings. i kinda felt in love though. gosh! this probably it. i am so in love with my blog. really attach to it, committed that it called. this is happening and i don't want to question why. this is really soothing to me. having my own side or site which belongs to me. discussing on things whatever things i wanted to. this blogging thing is what i need most of time and i keep thinking of it wherever i go. i'm glad to have this. though my blog doesn't fancy much, not as what other pro blogger have. but i love mine. cause all this came by me. =) GLAD!



family of mine

this is a sudden entry which i just wrote without even thinking or planning what should be said here. well, basically i wanted to tell what i did and will be doing this weekend since we had a pretty long weekend cause the Monday is Maulidurasul and might be a holiday to many areas. friends are all going back to their hometown which i have none - in sense of, i don't have to pack things and travel to go back to hometown since i stay with my family and not staying on my own. my brother came back from terengganu. he took leave and that equal to him having holiday from Wednesday till Monday. so, probably he will be back on Sunday or Monday. the plan was to go Batu Pahat (since there's some problem happening back there), then Kuala Lumpur. well, we went nowhere. so, along brought me and nana my lil sis to catch some movie at town and perhaps the next day we would go to seaside (dia teringin nak mandi laut pula). before the movie after maghrib, me and mama brought him to Mahkota on the afternoon since he needed a pair of new shoe to work.

after the movie, 'watchman' which was totally a disappointment for the three of us ,along told mama that he want to go back the next day noon. mama was pretending to be calm but i knew she wondered why. along seems dead tired. might be because i headed him the wrong direction to Mahkota and we got stuck in trafic jamm. the siblings gone through mouth war in his car. blaming each other for not showing the best way to go to Mahkota without facing traffic jamm. i was always the one who responsible to show the way, making decisions and so forth. generally, i am a mother most of the time when mama were not around with us. but i admit that they also did it several time but what im saying is the most time, it always been me. now i should bare the consequences. we made up easily like we used to everytime we had a fight. then along decided to go to MBO instead of going to Mahkota. so, he headed us there and watch at MBO. the first choice to go to Mahkota was because we have a lot of choice of movies there compare to MBO. and that's the reason why we had to watch 'watchman'. that movie kinda sucks and too long. my head spinning untill now and we all were starving like hell. fortunately mama brought us some food and then she drove me and nana out for asam pedas nearby. abah went fishing with friend and along was asleep tightly at home. mama cracking our head out asking this and that trying to figured out why did along changed his mind. i am wayy out of mood but i still can manage it im sure. my head still spinning, guess i need some sleep.

this is it. i am done for the plans. sorry to my couzie cause i can't make it. she did sms me asking when i will be there, Batu Pahat. she might been missing us. the next sms i get was this evening she asked whether we can't make it though. unfortunately, i had no credit left to reply her. gosh! then i asked mama to call them right away. i worried that they might wondering why we kept silent and not responding to them. i miss them too. happy holidays to me and hopefully, this holidays give me more time to finished all my undone work. amin.

p/s: be sure to yourself and do trust it with all your heart. when you feel confident with yourself you might influence others to trust in you also. never have regrets in life. ('p/s' is basically something that i would note to the readers and my ownself)

Mar 7, 2009

tag from azra


Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you.
At the end, choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

  1. my family are the most precious people in my life and i would definitely fall without them. they are my everything. the strength in me.
  2. i love things that i love. i have plenty of them. alhamdulillah.
  3. I hate things that annoyed me especially yang bulat-bulat. eii. geram. i would definitely destroy it.
  4. i care and love certain people. ya. sometimes, for no reason required. this is serious. bila aku dah syg memang aku syg sgt dan cuba jaga hubungan tu. apa-apa hubungan pun aku akan value. sb aku selalu cuba hargai setiap apa yang aku terima.
  5. I value things that happen previously since i'm trying not to regrets things but laugh cause it happen to me instead.
  6. i hate cat. period
  7. my favorite no is 7 and 2
  8. i dislikes any animal
  9. i have lack of ability to control my anger. i tend to scold people for no reason when i gets angry and everything won't seems right to me.
  10. only for certain people, i can confess what i felt to that particular person. sure, it takes time
  11. i love pretty things. comel!
  12. aku banyak songeh. in sense, i have rules and regulation on CERTAIN THINGS
  13. i have my own bad side that people hate. i know that
  14. i do my best for things that i need the most but sometimes the hardship doesn't pay. maybe it is not enough.
  15. i can't stand seeing my parents suffer. i want to make them happy and enjoy their every moment of life.
  16. i hate when people don't understand what i meant

The lucky 10:

  1. dean- he's the first in the list of fren here.
  2. alia- cozie with blog
  3. azlan dawai - juz for the sake of doing this tag
  4. emma - for her to try something from me
  5. erin - to keep in touch
  6. farah - couzie yang tak buat-buat my tag.hehe
  7. fyz - just to keep in touch and hope she'll do this
  8. inn - another tag for her to do
  9. ekin - first time tagging her. new frend
  10. rainme - simply

Mar 4, 2009

birthday + so called farewell party

let's take a look of pictures taken during the party!

not interested??

care a damn! :p

.GDOs with Duckie.

the rawks me! one of my favorite picture of a bunch

having fun huh GDOs??

jules, azra, syafiq, kila, and me

gil, irene, sofie, jules, me and syafiq

the party was held on 25th February 2009. at syafiq's house. night.

p/s: this might be the last sem for me to meet you guys. i feel so pleasant to have known you guys in my life. you guys are so great! i am really having fun for the entire days with you guys (obviously! there's always ups and downs in relationship, but i do enjoy those moment. it is safely kept in my mind always) and so glad that we met. so, make sure we will keep in touch always, have a better future and take care!

tagged bg julie

1. Name one person who always texts you.
one? friends of my. they are a few of them

2 . Name one negative thing about you?
i am mean

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
helping mum at shop.

4. Sport you wanted to learn?
i hate sport. maybe i would chuz swim coz i love to swim

5. Ever tried gymnastics?
yeah. on my own. hehe

6. What was the last thing you bought?
toasted bread with milo ice

7. Do you talk a lot?
only to certain people.

8. Where is your brother?

9. How was your day yesterday?

10 . Are you an optimistic one?
might be

11 . People describe you as....
i heard that they said i am petite but loud

12. Contented in life?

13. Are you happy with the love of your life
grateful for the love i have in life. thanx to family and friends too

14. Do you skip meals?

15. Do you consider yourself smart?
nope. i'm average

16. What color is your gate?

17 .Are you typically a jolly person?

18. Name one enemy of yours:
any animal. or specifically cats,cockroach,rats . haha.

19. Name one close friend:
the one that cross my mind right now is rahmah. *wink (even she's not even close or right beside me right now)

20. Who's the first person in your phone list?
◘ . abg zam. ( do not misinterpret it. it just happen that way because his name starts with the letter a)

21 . What did the last text message your received say?
"im home! are you done with the presentation?"

22. Do you go to gym?
never in life

23. Song playing at the moment:
i'm not listening to any songs right now

24.How do you cope with stress?
depends. sometimes i express it or keep it. mostly, blogging, screaming, writing, mumbling and scolding

25.Ever broken someone's heart?
probably yes

26.What makes you happy?
being loved

27. What is the last thing you said aloud?
"ma! i want kopi o. a bit sweet and do not mix it with warm water ya?"

28. Is someone bitter to you?
nope. not at this current moment