Mar 11, 2009

tagged from ekin

Do u think you' are hot?
hehe. sometimes, but im sure i am not hot.

Upload a favourite picture of you:

Gives three reason why u like that picture:
1. love the hair in this picture
2. love the smile (entah bila boleh tengok senyuman camtu lagi)
3. love the picture though

When was the last time u ate pizza?
january '09

The last song u listen?
i did it my way-frank sinatra

What are u doing right now besides this?
sms-ing, chatting at ym

What name you prefer besides yours?

People to tag:
1. syia
2. julie
3. azra
4. vee
5. dean

Who is number one?
lovely friend

Number three is having relationship with?

Say something about nombor five?
he is himself. *wink

How about number four?
a friend

Who is number two?
juliana shahida. what u expect?


Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

makcik, thx for tagging me. btw ive done this b4 la. ntah kat page mana.. if i buat lg, nanti kena puji myself lagi. haha. nyampah plak org nak baca!! haha.. btw thanks tau!! *winkwink*

Kipas said...

tag lg?/ elok la... memanjang tag... x abes2... berderet dah tag x jwb... lalala~

azwin khairuddin said...

haha. xbaek xjwb tag tau.