Mar 15, 2009


last weekend, we actually did went to pantai puteri. it was great!

1. me and the sissy
2. abah. with the rockstar superstar book in hand. u can even see along back there near his beloved car

for this weekend, i have a date with love one. it was awesome since we haven't met since almost two months back. missing him? of course i do. but we're just a human bein
gs. we can't do anything with faith aren't we? i am not the perfect one. i commit mistakes and sins. i admit that i have my own bad attitudes that people can't stand with. but i am myself. i am very sorry if i have hurt anyone in this entire life. really am sorry for wrongs that i've done and caused. i know sometime sorry doesn't seem to be enough to heal the hurt but what else can i do to it? no matter how hard i tried to pretend it to others but i know i can't lie to myself. my heart aching too sometimes. but again.. 'what else can i do?'. i believe that some things won't be the same as before, but i will try harder this time to accept all the consequences. i will try harder to understand and to control my emotion to stay strong to stand on my own feet.

well, i've snapped some photos. we went to jonker walk for my
retail trip report and went to watch movies (jin hutan and geng)

1. coz i like this picture.
2. coz he wanted me to put this picture though. (ya. i look horrible. sigh*)
3. haha. this picture make me laugh. damn!

i went to pantai puteri with mama abah and man. we were having fun watching kak linda's sons went fishing. they love it, i can see that. we went there just to go sight seeing and then we ate at some place there. the mee bandung was nice though. well, that's all for the weekend. need to continue with my assignments and study for coming exam. there's too much things happen this week. things are getting tougher nowadays. i just can't even complaint it to anyone right now. people come and go in lifes and so do things that pass through us everyday. it is damn hard for me. however, i know i have to be strong to face all the obstacle. may ALLAH bless me and show me the right path for all this. He is the all-mighty. i hope i can overcome all this. amin

.like mother like daughter.

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