Mar 30, 2010


with bridegroom

mama, abah, along, mokteh and pokteh

sempat pekena mee bandung muar

mee bandung sedap!

the ride

buruknya muka malas nak gi kerja kawen

I went to Muar, Johore with the parents and my brother to attend my uncle's wedding. he got married with a beautiful lady. lucky him. on the way back, we manage to stop by having mee bandung muar. maximum satisfaction.

well, as we arrived most of my relative dah nak balik challet balik dah as they all rent a challet nearby. we were late because of me. i had my driving class before hand and only finished at noon. at first, we thought of not going there this time tapi jadi pergi juga.

p/s: Selamat pengantin baru to them!

to segamat for nasi beringin



tidur lagi



last weekend, we went to Segamat just for the sake of menginginkan nasi beringin as our brunch (breakfast+lunch). unfortunately, the shop was closed. (cuit lidah, calit kat dahi). well, anyhow we manage to get a service recovery by having a great dish at one shop there. sedap. it's worth it. but then, on the way back to melaka i felt sick. like very sick. i threw out almost along the way back. then fall asleep and vomit, and asleep and vomit. sigh~ i had gastric pain and menstrual-pain.

i manage to survive all the way. nasib baik.

p/s: i've lost my mood since like 3 months now. so not in the mood for anything. rasa macam nak gila dah. macam nak buang orang (buang dari apa pun tak tahu). macam nak belasah orang. macam nak lempang orang (nasib baik belum rasa nak bunuh orang). dan pelbagai macam rasa lagi. tensionnya! tak tahan.

Mar 18, 2010

si gila

i went back to my hometown with the parents few days back
jalan-jalan and to fetch my cousins
since it's already school holiday
will update on the picture soon.
too many things to do at times
there's still no changes with that.
i still have to do many things at time.
even if i don't want to
and whether i like it or not
i still have to do it.


tensionnya. stressnya. bila nak hilang saket kepala ni?

p/s: lain yang nak cerite, lain pulak yang terkarang. mood pun tiba-tiba dah tak de.

Mar 1, 2010