Mar 30, 2010


with bridegroom

mama, abah, along, mokteh and pokteh

sempat pekena mee bandung muar

mee bandung sedap!

the ride

buruknya muka malas nak gi kerja kawen

I went to Muar, Johore with the parents and my brother to attend my uncle's wedding. he got married with a beautiful lady. lucky him. on the way back, we manage to stop by having mee bandung muar. maximum satisfaction.

well, as we arrived most of my relative dah nak balik challet balik dah as they all rent a challet nearby. we were late because of me. i had my driving class before hand and only finished at noon. at first, we thought of not going there this time tapi jadi pergi juga.

p/s: Selamat pengantin baru to them!

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