Apr 1, 2010

family vacation

tak dapat ambil gambar mama gan abah pulak. adoi. baru perasan cuma ada gambar tiga beradik jek. macam mana ni?

haha. it's been age since we all went for a vacation. like seriously sangat lama. well, this is a sudden vacation. we actually didn't plan to go to Genting since my brother had planned to take us to Perak. i can't recall what was the name of that place. it's an island. sigh~ (i'm getting older)

So, we went here for 2 days and one night. we arrived there at night, and checked in. the hotel was fully booked, luckily we manage to get one apartment. the place is ok lah. so so. my sister went crying of hating the place. haha. whatever~ the problem is, we were late. we should have booked earlier.

but this time, me and the siblings went to the theme park. it was damn fun. we spent almost the whole day there. most of the time queuing. hahah. yes! it's so much worth it. i'm having so much fun even i cried my heart out over sollero shot. i thought i was going to die. i can't stop screaming and suddenly i realized that i was crying. haha. unintentionally ok.

p/s: nak pergi genting lagi boleh?

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