Dec 30, 2011

2011 preview

January of the year. the brother's marriage. at Kuantan and Melaka. Alhamdulillah everything went well though we've been busy with the wedding arrangement and mama had to undergo operation for she had met with an accident during along's big day. Not even the whole family but the neighbourhood had traumatized with that incident. mama's story been told in one of the local newspaper 'metro' if i'm not mistaken.

the family for Kuantan's side

February of the year has been wonderful cause the month is the shortest month as compare to others. well, I've been working with Ambank since Dec 2010. busy with training and stuff on Jan, and Feb is when i start doing real job as a personal banker there doing sales. I had an enjoyable moment there with the branch staff of Ayer Keroh. They are very good to me. We have an event during February as our local activities the picture below shows our event for chinese new year.

with Ambank Ayer Keroh branch staff

March of the year. i have love my life,my job and getting prepared for my wedding end of the year. So, been to Johor to met with my bestfriends there and also went for friends wedding reception back in Pontian.

bestfriends: ayu,nazra,me and jiah (from left)

April and May.(since i can't find any picture for April. hehe. so i just combine) i notice that it's always about my job. well, this job is kinda fit me but i hate target cause it's hard to achieve.seriously. so, te picture below is the picture of our event for the month doing outside marketing.

with Ambank staffs

June. the month i've been waiting for. We Went to Puket, Thailand. the place is so beautiful. feel like wanna go there again. went there for only 2 days and have to rush back to Malaysia cause of work. there's an important convention for sales people of Ambank. well, it's sort of worth sacrificing for cause the event was held at marriot hotel. If not because of this convention I might not have the chance to stay there. pfttt ;p

Something good also happens to me during this month. israq mikraj, 29th June I have accomplished my past 4 years resolution. You all can see my new image that I'm comfortable with right now.

my best cousin got engaged during this month in batu pahat johor.

at Phuket with them

I, Ambank staff at marriot hotel

cousin's e-day at bp

July and August. Ramadhan for muslims. had went for several free break fasting from customer and clerical staff of Ayer Keroh branch had their bonus and treat us this lovely iftar. well, when officer got their bonus we also went for makan-makan again for iftar.

Eid-ul fitr at enstek sepang and batu pahat johor. this year merdeka day and hari raya fall on the same day. unfortunately i got no leave. haha. well, i had enjoy working there during raya. nevermind.

iftar with Ayer Keroh staff

with younger sister and the cousins

September also one of the month that i've been waiting for cause i had to travel to Bandung Indonesia and i have to admit that i had already fall in love deeply with this place untill to the extend as soon as i got back to Malaysia i booked another ticket to Bandung for my honeymoon with the husband. though the plan been screwed since the husband didn't notice that the passport will expired less than another 6 months. i can't tell how frustrated i am but that is past. we're going there again this New Year 2012. he made it up at least.

at bandung with them Ambank Ayer Keroh and Semenyih staff

October had been hectic for me. every of my weekend had been filled with so many activities especially for preparation of the wedding. the very bff had organized a surprise bridal shower for specially for me. i feel so blessed. thanks a lot to them. one of the surprised given by my ex bestfriend since i think she's no more my bestie la during this month it was a news of her getting married the next day of my wedding day. she already promised to be the bridesmaid gile gelabah nak jadi sangat pengapit pastu ntah apa-apa last minute baru bagitahu. well go to hell with that. Important is at least i know who stood by me during my big day. thank you family and friends.

my best cousin got married on 9-10-11 at batu pahat johor.

bridal shower

ella's reception at bp

November was my big day. 19-11-11 was when i got married to the love of my life and that was when I entered to a new phase in my life. very big beginning throughout my entire life. though obstacles are so much had comes along the way i am proud to say that we had stayed strong together. thanks to family and friends for all the big help and for those who love to condemn and spread so many bad influence about this relationship and marriage, thanks cause you are just making me realize how i have to stay strong and not to fall of your so called judgement. i give a damn but to take it as a chance for me to prove that you're all wrong.

the bridegroom

December is my month. I always fall in love with december. during this month i'm already in Labuan missing the family that i leave back in Melaka. The picture below was taken at KK when i attended the interview with Bank Muamalat. still a job seeker right now i haven't found the job yet.

the cake was for my birthday. husband bought it for me. brownies chocolate, always my favorite.


the cake

so this pretty sum up everything. the year of 2011 will ends and i will not be around and will only be back next year. we will be going to Bandung, Indonesia on 31st we suppose to arrive 11:59 at bandung but air asia spoilt it they reschedule our flight to 7:30pm and will arrive approximately 9pm there. well, actually who cares? at least i got to go bandung again. i don't think i have any resolution for 2012 except for having a job that i could fall for. amin. that is not a prayers that i pray only during new year, it was my prayers every other day.

Above all, i have already satisfied with all that i have. Alhamdulillah. most of my dream had come true only some of it are waiting for me to achieve. I am only human for i have flaws and so much weakness. I hope things will be better as soon as possible sometimes i wish i was a superhero so i could safe my family from any trouble.

let bygones be bygones.

Dec 19, 2011

December, here it comes again!

suddenly felt like singging Natalie Imbruglia 'Beauty on the fire'....

I admit I was late. The wishlist should have been posted earlier this month. well, can't realy explain how busy i am which, aku pun tak pasti apa lah sangat yang busynya until i almost actually forgot to do my wishlish. this is like a MUST for me. it's like tiap tahun punya event yang wajib. haha. (kalau bab ni kau pandai la wajib, cuba bab agama yang wajib-wajib sikit disuruh buat?)

well, I might say that I am satisfied with what i had for my wedding. thanks friends for the gifts. Insyallah, tuhan sahaja yang dapat membalas jasamu. (in case kalau aku terlupa bagi time kau kawen or in case aku tak sempat nak bagi time kau kawen nanti ye?)

However, that wasn't the same right? am I darings?

My first wishlish has been given in advance to me actually. It was a honeymoon trip. guess what (bukan aku nak takbur ke riak tapi aku nak share juga tak kira).

the lovely husband grant me with this wonderful surprise, it was perhaps for our wedding gift but i might as well consider it for the birthday as well. tapi sayang nak lagi hadiah lain. hahaha. dera dia. he gave me ticket to a place where i really wanna be since sekolah rendah. my city of love for what i would call it. Alhamdulillah. Ok and we already ate my birthday cake in advance since we have kept it for 2 days and i can't resist to eat it with him and his adik. at least, ada la orang lain except for only both of us je.

my very best mate back in mmu. syafiq, subba and zetty gave me a wonderful gift as well for the wedding and my birthday and it was a hotel for the 2 ofus to stay somewhere in Thailand for 3d2n. thank you so much for the gift. i love you even more. (bukan nak tiru julie ok. i ikhlas 100 percent).

All right. that's for the advance gift that i received. what about the gift during the birthday. hmmm... let me see what should i list them?

winter coat


pleasure by estee lauder (with free lotion like this kalau boleh ;p )

tapi yang sebenar-benarnya tak ada di antara wishlist aku buat ni yang betul-betul aku nak pun sebenarnya. ini antara apa yang terlintas buat masa sekarang. i am grateful for what i have now. Alhamdulillah.i have my self, friends and family. but.... most of all now i already have the most awesome-est, wonderful-est, excellent-est,handsome-est, cool-est, greatest etc etc (this would not enough to show how best-EST you are dear) husband in the whole world. i am certainly done with that. i love him from the bottom of my heart. tak payah nak kembang sangat eh abang? i miss you so much. (i'm missing you so much... don't know how i survive, a day without you is like a year without rain - selena gomez punya lagu la pulak)

p/s: off to pick up the perasan-est husband from work now and teman him futsal haiyarghhhh! (itu pun nak update ke? mesti lah! blog aku, biarlah jeles?) ;)