Jan 30, 2009

wet world

( from left: mocha, tasha, ila, e'ein). the cou.Z at 'Wet World'. we are under a giant mushroom but mama don't snap it appropriately so the exact scenario is not captured here


way back. raining.

we had fun =) and exhausted. that's why we both belasah 2 pinggan nasi lemak yang mama bawak as bekalan there.

arrived home. lepak at my room before they went back to batu pahat.

received a call from ila, cousin from batu pahat, johor yesterday (28 jan) around 8pm. she asked about air panas Gadek. she seems like interested to go there with some friends and asked my opinion. suddenly, my mind start thinking of wet world. coz she said, nak try mandi dalam kolam air panas tu dan berenang. tak boleh kot.. i told her "memang ada orang berenang dalam kolam air panas tu tapi kalau angah tak boleh kot. sebab paling cepat pun sejam baru angah boleh masuk parat leher je tu pun duduk diam tak bergerak, lagi bergerak lagi rasa melecur". she determine wanted to try swim in that hot water. perbualan berakhir macam tergantung, sebab dia dan aku sama-sama terpingga-pingga. she end it with "tak pe la angah, nanti ila call lagi.thanx eh?". (lebih kurang macam ni la)

around 11.45pm on the same day, she called again. "angah! kat mana? ila dah dekat depan rumah angah ni dengan family semua". rupanya, after the previous conversation on phone with her, dia terus ajak family dia pergi melaka. haha. with her new car. it was a surprise. memang selalu sangat buat macam ni. datang mengejut. alih-alih dah depan rumah kita. i was at the shop that time and asked them to come over to shop since nobody's at home that time as we assume (sebab yang sebenarnya adik aku dah balik kerja dan ada rumah bergelap menghadap laptop, tak sedar apa pun).

the next morning, (today) we all prepared to go to 'wet world'. sebab ada air panas dan ada tempat untuk swimming sekali. serius seronok. we rent a double tube then naik gelongsor.haha. sampai sekarang terasa bestnya. setelah puas main air, berenang-berenang, kitaorang try masuk kolam air panas pula. ternyata, ila tak sangka panas macam tu. tapi, sekejap je dia dapat biasakan diri dah. aku baru masuk parat lutut, dia dah parat leher. siap berjalan-jalan main air lagi.huuu...panas! tak tahan aku.

ngam-ngam keluar wet world, hujan. nasib badan. aku dan ila tak sempat makan nasi lemak lagi yang dibawa dari rumah. then, bila berenti kat petronas, aku buka bonet dan makan share- share dalam kereta. lapar betul. bila berenti minum air pun, aku gan ila pekena lagi sepinggan.

balik rumah je masing-masing letih,penat. tidur dah mama gan abah. yang makuda, pakuda sibuk berkemas walhal anak-anak dia masih kat bilik aku berborak la, main bella, transfer gambar dan lagu, macam-macam. rupanya nak balik batu pahat sebelum maghrib, they pity their cats been left for almost a day. they afraid that the cats don't know what to eat. ya, they loves cat so much. they have tons of cats at home.

p/s: i need to wake up early tomorrow coz we are going to kl for kak ina's wedding on saturday. along pun da sampai dah tengah malam tadi. sepatutnya pergi pagi tadi tapi makuda da datang so we post-pone =). dapat berseronok kat wet world pulak. hehe. have a nice day!

Jan 28, 2009

oh my!

this is the final week of the hols! boring! thinking i haven't done this and that during the break. gosh. ergh! geram. masa betul-betul jeles dengan aku ni.

(from left: mocha, siti khalijah, azra, aidli 'alin' mosbit, and julie) after 'Gemuk Girls' theater at KLPac

& subba. new year outting

& syafik/duckie.

(from left: mocha, julie, irene, and kila) before charity concert 'music love children'.

& bryan. during charity concert 'music love children'.

(from left: sofie, irene, julie and mocha). after 'Gemuk Girls' play.

at the jetty for azra & nocha birthday celebration

(from left: aizek, li ying, dhepan, mocha and qila). during 'brand management' discussion.

above are the pictures that snapped last trimester. probably will meet the same person again in the pictures next trimester. hopefully. the previous sem, i took 4 subjects with 10 credit hours (which consider a lot and quite hard for short trimester and i never done that before since i only took the most, 3 subjects for short sem). well, what pass is pass and i've passed it all. luckily i manage to handle those 4 subjects.

just a quick review, what had happened the previous trimester.

- 'Gemuk Girls' theater at KLPac. (joined budak-budak yang amik theater as cocu)
- 'Music love Children' at main hall mmu. mmusic charity event for PERNIM. i was one of the crew under special task. peace!
- 2 presentation for Brand Management subject. oh, and a creativity to brand the team. the team name is 'Beckham' cause we are meant to be group no 7. it was fun though we look like 'poyo'.
- took National Dance class for cocuriculum last trimester. and i watched 'dance performance' at mini Malaysia, Melaka for report purposes.
- been very busy and intense with FYP1 (Final Year Project 1).

so, new trimester will begin next week. it's my second last trimester before i finished the study (cepat betul masa berlalu). lot of things to be done. benda dalam kepala sekarang ni adalah FYP2, BBQ birthday party, and vacations. need a lot of money, thinking/discussion/ideas, and time (especially).

p/s: welcome back to mmu students! may the new trimester be better than the previous trimester. good luck!

Jan 26, 2009

the lovely bella: cover bubbly

p/s: after so many days thinking whether i should or should not put this video, i suddenly came to the final answer. benda macam ni pun nak pening pikir. this is my own blog. i should do what i think i want to do. so, this is it. i enjoy playing bella so damn much even i do realize i don't know how to play it well enough. i only knows a little or two bout it. i am still learning. i want to share it with others though i know i am so not cool by putting this video but this is what i want.this is me, myself. if i didn't accomplish it, who whould have done it for me. i myself have to be confidence and firm with whatever things i wanted to do so much. care- less with what others think, the important is what satisfy me. coz we are powerless to satisfy others but we are able to satisfy our own self.

oh well, before i posted this video i do asked opinion from several people especially my mum and sis (family aku la pengkritik terhebat dlm hidup aku selama ni). wanna know what did they comment when i first showed them this video?

mama: "hahaha.. ceh ceh. bukan main lagi. tengok kepala angah, dik".
sis: haha..haha (dan haha lagi).

*lebih kurang macam ni la apa yg diaorang comment.maybe not exactly the same as what i wrote here*.

actually, i don
't even realize what did i do or what is my body language when playing 'the bella'. i just feel 'bestnye'.hehe. then, i asked the other question..

"then? how? should i put this video?".

they laugh AGAIN and agreed that i should give it a try and share it with others. so, apa lagi kawan-kawan. let's laugh together!!

Jan 22, 2009

sonnet 18

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed,
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed:
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st,
Nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st,
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee."

-William Shakespeare.

p/s: this sonnet 18 introduce me to him about 9 years back when i was in form 1 i guess. all of the students can't understand what he's trying to say but fortunately the teacher explain it to us. i still can remember a little. hehe. well, i really admire his artwork.

Jan 21, 2009

tag by azra

A. Attached or single?
= both! ya. both! haha. depends on the situation. boleh gitu?

B. Best friend?
= for now, i only have one bestest best friend. she's rahmah. friends that knows me quite well are my bestfriend including the person who taged me. we can have tons of best friend but we can only have several true friends.am i right? - and i have mine. period

C. Cake or pie?
= i chuz cake instead of pie. since i only eat apple pie (memang sedap azra. u make me want it now.hehe). actually, i don't really favor cake and pie but i still can eat it.

D. Day of choice?
= sunday. haha. coz i was born on sunday. that's why my name starts with the letter 'a'. oh, because sunday is 'ahad' in malay.

E. Essential item?
= for now, my mind is saying that the bella.

F. Favorite color?
= anything that suits me.usually i chuz red and brown or to be save, black. gosh. semua warna pun ok janji cantik

G. Gummy bears or worms?
= gummy bears

H. Hometown?
= johore

I. Favorite indulgence?
= chocolatie too. same like azra

J. January or July?
= july. coz it's the middle of the year. boleh?

K. Kids?
= i don't know how to handle kids actually. it's not that i hate them but i don't have any feelings towards them. but one day i might have one.

L. Life isn’t complete without?
= a stable prinsip in life. especially your iman. what you believe.

M. Marriage date?
= can't think of any. perhaps 20.12.2012 sebab tak ade da bulan 13. boleh? cepat juga tu sebenarnya. gatal sungguh minah pemalas ni, entah sape la nak kat aku pun tak tahu ;p

N. Number of magazine subscriptions?
= don't have one

O. Orange or apple?
= i don't eat fruits regularly. but i'd chuz apple

P. Phobias?
= err... could be any animals or 'top gun' (sumpah seram naek tu)

Q. Quotes?
= journey of thousands miles start with the first step.

R. Reasons to smile?
= to be loved by the family and anything. i love smiling coz people said that i have cute smile.har har har

S. Season of choice?
= summer. hehe. mana ade musim-musim kat malaysia ni.tapi yang penting jangan la musim sejuk. i rather berpeluh dari kesejukan.

T. Tag 5 people
= azlan dawai, julie(dah buat), azra(dah buat), syia, farah

U. Unknown fact about me?
= pndai azra. hehe. i can't think of any. sorry

V. Vegetable?
= haha. i don't like vegetable.

W. Worst habit?
= i used to have it. but not currently having it now. so, i don't have to mention it right? hehe

X. X-ray or ultrasound?
= should i pick?

Y. Your favorite food(s)?
= nasi goreng kampung

Z. Zodiac sign
= sagit.

p/s: thanks to azraniah for this tag. seronok!

Jan 19, 2009


introducing Preciousca-bella. The one and only guitar i have and credit to Subba and Syafik for this very lovely present. i feel so gifted and happy though it's already 2 years old but i can still remeber the day i was given this lovely present. shocked and grateful. man, i longed to have a guitar since i was 14, 15 years old..and have it came true during my 19th birthday (dec '06). thank you so much. i've been bless for having good friend like you guys.

well, that is not the exact story for this blog.

i assume and believe that everyone have their own secret or might be a problem or burden that they might kept it deep inside or express it out loud. well, for me some are better left unsaid and some should be said. it depends. so, i am currently having tons of problems right now which i might prefer not to mention it here. however, i would rather said that this blog is one of the medium for me to release or distract my attention to only think of the problem matters. it's tiring man. even my brain could jamm one day thinking of it.

as we grow older day by day, we tend to think a lots of things compare to when we were younger. i can still recall the time when i was small, still in kindergarten. the only things in mind was my barbie doll or toys that i wanted to buy that time. so, mainly that was the only problem i had. other things i won't care to bother. my mum did the thinking of what i should wear and what i should eat. NOW, everything matters to me. what i should do tomorrow, for the future, the studies, the family matters, the money, the friends, people arounds me and lots of other things. can you see the different? therefore, we tend to feel annoy when things get slow a long the way. i.e. trafic jamm when we are in a hurry coz there are other things to be done. i understand it now. why abah hate trafic jamm or being in crowded places. it just piss him off because he finds it not worth it since he got many other things to do rather than being in that kinda situation.

oh, the bella is the most important creature to me since i always play her for the sake of making me happier even for a lil bit. will do. i feel like she always understand what my feelings are. sometimes i dont understand it but i can feel that it's nice to touch her when i feel like i need to cry on someone. and because not everyone can understand what you feel at time. but bella does. even bella doesnt fix the problem directly but she did it indirectly. i try to clear my mind when i strum her strings (and it works), and then i will be more rational and positive bout things.

that's all. i am down, frustrated, lazy, don't feel like hearing or having anymore problem right now and i am currently not in the mood for anything other than playing games, playing bella, and online especially blogging. bye

Jan 18, 2009

a tag

Remove 1 question from below and add in a personal question, make it a total of 20 questions. Then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. If you could spend one Ringgit in 5 minutes, what would you spend on?
- hair clips.

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
- oh, though i have tons of other things that i love to do but shopping is the most favourite thing to be done.

3. What kind of news do you read?
- i dont read much other than my academic book for exam. but i would say the star

4. What would u do if u were to die tomorrow?
- repent and a confession of what im hiding inside

5. Is there someone in your heart right now?
- yeah

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
- nope. money is not everything but it is a necessity nowadays

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
- oh, there are tons too but the most should be THE FAMILY

8. What do you feel like doing right now?
- playing dinner dash ;p. but i need to help my mum

9. If there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
- depends

10. List 5 things that u like in a guy/girl.
- x hypocrite = sincere
- have their own personality and charisma not to always copy others and love what others had
- mature and wise, respect others
- handle life well or shall i say a positive thinker
- have good sense of humor
( guess, this is what a person should have to be like-able by others)

11. What are the requirements that you not wish from your other half?
- any negative side

12. What do you think is your purpose in life?
- live the life to the max! gosh, been trying to do that

13. Do you feel like killing someone at the moment?
- nope

14. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
- probably, junk food. but i dont prefer to eat it for the rest of my life. no one does.

15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
- both. hehe. happy!

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
- stubbornness and suka marah-marah

17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
- my mum. she knows everything about me

18. Name one love song that you have in mind and why.
- rite now shud be 'lucky-jason mraz and colbie callait'. its not becoz i love it though but i heard it just now and jason mraz is coming to KL

19. What is the one thing you love about yourself?
- macam tak de. oh, fussy and kata orang jawa 'ngetut' - kalau nak gitu, tetap juga nak and when i love or like something i would definately take care of it wholeheartedly. tekun la when it comes to things that i want the most

20. what do you wish to have the most?
- iman yang kuat dan hidup yang tenang

The lucky 8.

wake-up call!!

time is moving faster each day,man. there are so many things to be done at time which make me feel panic, piss off, and many kinda feelings come altogether. this is really sick! tired of all this. can i just make it stop even for awhile? gosh. this life might be tiring for me but hopefully all this worth. does everyone felt the same as me? i'm now on holiday, semester break but there are tons of things to do.

i need to do my FYP 2 (study SPSS, develop the questionnaire, do more research), playing games, settle the PTPTN stuff, window shopping(especially to survey the phone to replace nancy), helping at home, helping at shop, helping mama prepare kuih for the tender, search for chord, license, prepare for the bbq birthday party next sem and many more.

however, the most essential thing to do now is my FYP 2 but i am so malas to do it though. *sigh. well, supposedly i need to meet the lecturer during the hols but i do nothing. i don't want to be scolded in her office for not doing anything and come empty handed. i am currently finishing the first week hols with doing nothing. haha. i 'm busy finishing the 'dinner dash' game untill the 2nd round going to 3rd now. and wake up late everyday coz i sleet late the night before. apa nak jadi ni? wake up! wake up! girl, u are wasting your time u know???

p/s: i realize i might end-up tired because of less rest and i might be sick and feel so damn malas lagi if i continue this kind of habbit. entah la.when hols come, i always try my best to rest the whole hols since we only have a short period of hols man. kusut la mmu ni. so i take the oppurtunities to revenge masa-masa yang tak dapat rehat time semester start due to assignments and all. ergh! geramnya.bye!

Jan 14, 2009


last sunday, (11th January) me and my family went to Kertih,Terengganu to meet along and gave his beloved car.haha. almost a week we melenjan his car and thought he would be back to take her by himself but he's too busy. he got many things to do since he said that he is not very well and he have not had a good rest for almost a week try to solve the project given to him. so mama and abah decided to go there and went back to Malacca by bus. apa lagi me and my adik pun mesti la nak ikut kan? plus aku dah pun start holidaying.hehe. plus, it's been a long time since we all going to holiday. we used to holiday before when me and the siblings are still at school. everytime during school break, we always plan to go here and there. maybe because we have grown up kot.

sis, mama, and me at Telok Chempedak

orang paling penting ni-abah. sebab dia yang kena drive and stay alert.

well, we had a chance to finally go jalan-jalan. i was the GPS system hehe. im the one who read the map and guide the way. the journey took almost 6 to 7 hours since mama insists want us to go through the long way because she want to see the sea. so, we are likely heading to south back. and it's like we are turning back to Johore and she fall asleep.haha.apa la mama ni. but after all, ada gak abah stop by dua tiga pantai. we also went to Telok Chempedak and Cherating. dapat juga melepaskan hajat yang dah lama terbuku nak pergi situ and especially Bulan. macam tak sangka aku dapat pergi bulan aku happy sangat. thanx to Rudy sebab bersusah cari tempat tu.

the car =)

ni la map yang aku duk ngadap sepanjang perjalanan

berenti kat pantai.angin kuat. cameraman-abah

Chempedak Bay

batu bersurat eh?hehe

then, as we arived at Kertih we saw along's office. he had asked us to wait him at the mosque opposite his office. 5 to 6 minutes then, we saw him with his bicycle and his bagpack. he is what he used to be. however, he had the personality though. he is different. memang dia nampak tak sehat. time jumpa tu dia baru lepas submit project esoknya kena submit lagi satu lagi project. supposedly, he can't accompany us jalan-jalan and all sebab ada kerja tapi dia kata "tak apa lah. along nak relax-relax kejap'. then he drove us to Kemaman untuk cari ticket since there is no ticket at Kertih. we met Rudy there. unfortunately, ticket balik Melaka dah abis so we decided to take bus to K.L. then K.L. to Melaka. bas tu pukul 1am nanti baru gerak. tu yang berjalan ke Bulan. sebelum tu kitaorang makan dulu dengan along. kesian dia tak makan lagi dari pagi. dah pukul 10 je mata dia da kuyu dah mengantuk. dia biasa tidur awal. then, mama suruh dia balik je rehat biar rudy take over teman we all sampai naik bas. lagipun dia memang tak larat dah nak ke Cherating pula sebab kitaorang nak sangat pergi Bulan tu. gi Bulan masing-masing da kenyang so makan keropok lekor je la.

tourist guide ke Bulan

so, that was it. a story of my journey to terengganu. p/s: along tak ada dalam gambar sebab dia memang tak suka bergambar.sekian!

aku suka

happy birthday babe!


"happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to azra,
happy birthday to you."

this is the song we sang when she first entered the karoke room at The Jetty near 12 a.m on 10th January. she with her housemate nocha were celebrating their birthday the same day which is 10th January (tapi azra celebrate 22nd birthday nocha 19 kot). so, the party was meant for the two of them. it was a blast though having only a few of us (12 persons). the night was great. i am having fun and hopefully they felt the same too.especially for the birthday girls. we sing along untill 2 a.m in the morning because we have booked the room for 3 hours and get free 2hours. haha. it was really fun and enjoyable. that was my first time (going to the jetty for karoke) and definately not the last time. i am planning to go there soon! haha. kemaruk~

well, after the karoke session, we go makan-makan at 'asam pedas' Kota Laksamana. great! dah penat menyanyi dan after full of sweet cake ( chocolate indulgence), we finally get to eat something spicy. sedap! hehe. i had asam pedas ikan pari for that so-called supper. then, as i arrived home it was nearly 4 o'clock in the morning. apa lagi, i had to hear the dad's nag. but afterall, it was really really really fun. thanks to all for inviting. (berapa banyak kali aku dah sebut fun tu.hehe)

Happy Birthday to Azra and Nocha! well for others, Happy Hols and see you guys next sem...

p/s: my handphone tak ade pun gambar-gambar on that day =( so tak boleh nak upload and share to all.

Jan 7, 2009


in this real world, we came to know many kinds of people,human being. in any form of relationship. friends, relative, colleague, boss, teacher/lecturer, mother, father, siblings and many more. however among all this relationship, there is always a ties that holds the persons together- a bond. furthermore, this bonding relation must always be tie with trust. believe me, trust and sincerity is the most essential thing in relation. without those elements, the relation might end up in negative way.

i assume that most of people in this entire world have friends. but a friend that does not know how to appreciate their other friend are such a hopeless person. as a quote says that " when you stop sharing means you stop the relationship", if the other friend does not have the feel that you are happy being their friend so what's the point of being their friend anyways? but after all, people are blind sometimes. they do not even see the flaws in their relation. they are too kind and nice for the friends and yet their friends took advantages on them for being such a humble and nice person. no! do not be that kind of person. we have to know what is best for us.

and the most things to avoid is a betrayal. this always happen among friends. i always tell myself that "the main enemy is the one that's beside and near us, not the one that we think as our enemy". im sure that most of us won't prefer to talk or be nice to our enemies rite? we try to avoid them as good as we could. but not with the friends or person near us, because person that know us best is actually the one who knows our weakness and therefore, they know how to bring us down. it is so sad to have a friend like this-a back stabber! try to avoid this kind of person. oh gosh! how i wish it is as easy as to talk about it. taking action and discuss on it is not the same thing to be done. it takes a lot of effort and initiative also a strong guts to make it happen.

p/s: orang yang mempunyai hati yang BUSUK dan mementingkan diri sendiri tak akan pernah selamat dalam hidupnya.dia akan selalu ditimpa musibah. jadi apa la salah nya berkongsi bersama dengan yang laen. cuba untuk berkongsi dengan hati yang ikhlas tanpa mengharap sebarang balasan. insyallah, dengan izin tuhan dia akan merahmatimu. dan percaya la, setiap kali musibah melanda doa dari orang yang anda telah berkongsi itu akan menjadi rahmat atau berkat untuk anda menuju kejayaan. dan jika anda bertemu kejayaan, jangan lah alpa dan lalai untuk bersyukur kepadanya dan tiada salahnya jika anda juga mahu berkongsi kejayaan itu dengan yang lain terutama sekali keluarga, rakan-rakan dan sahabat handai. nescaya mereka jua tidak akan segan dan silu untuk berkongsi suka dan duka bersama anda. dan ingatlah bahawa kehidupan di dunia ini sementara dan akhirat yang kekal selamanya! ya Allah jauhkan la aku,keluarga dan rakan-rakan ku daripada terjerumus dalam golongan orang-orang sedemikian. ampuni dosa kami, bersih dan sucikan hati kami supaya hidup kami diredhai.amin.

Jan 1, 2009

forgotten again

dia tak tahu ke aku masih ingat?
tak tahu ke aku masih tunggu?
masih perlukan penjelasan.
masih ingin kembali seperti dulu

mungkin aku rindu.
mungkin dia yang dah berubah
mungkin dia kecewa
mungkin dia tersalah paham

atau aku yang kena beralah
atau aku yang berbuat salah
dan aku yang mengundang masalah
atau punca segala resah

kenapa dia senyap?
kenapa dia makin jauh?
kenapa tak mahu bertegur?
kenapa telah hilang?

sebab tak mahu sakit hati?
sebab nak amik peluang berubah?
untuk undur diri?
tapi mengapa?

aku masih perlukannya
tapi dia tidak.
aku pentingkan diri?
dan dia?tidak??

aku benci perasaan ni.
dah berkali-kali
namun aku masih tak sedar
masih sedia menunggu ajaib

yang hilang kan berganti
itu kata mereka
kata aku lain
kerana ia tak pernah terganti

=( aku sangat emo.aku terganggu.aku dah semakin sedih.haru.

new year.

this new year eve is not as usual.as when i used to celebrate during my school time.my teenage time. (gosh!how old am i?)hang-out with friends,lepaking at town tunggu count down.but mostly bile dah nk dekat count down my mum akan bawak my cousins all join utk tengok bunga api.that was in johor.i really miss johor and all my memory there.it is a place where i grew up, learnt a lot of things.and malacca take over when i was in form 5.boring.maybe because im to used to johor's environment.i feel like malacca people don't fit me well.there are much different from me.i had not much friends here.untill i met my other friends in mmu malacca.hehe.oh, oritie.let's get back to the new year story for 2009.

i can see that everybody has their new aim for this year in their mind.ramai orang kat kawasan jusco tadi.and i met someone i knew back in tmn damai johor.what a pleasant.if im not mistaken his name is aman tonjet. new year ni celebrate dengan tengok wayang je.with subba, syafiq, julie and amad.tapi kat mbo kiteorang jumpe azra,khei,jujue and her friend.so, kiteorang kinda sit together la tadi.

macam-macam berlaku di tahun 2008. i manage to survive even it is hard for me to swallow.(seriusly!). my new year's aim?just like subba's question on me. i answer it with the same answer as previous year. "to fluent in english and to wear tudung".that's my aim that i haven't fulfill yet. and she will response with the same action as i expected from before "u tak habis-habis dengan azam tu". i will miss them.will miss all the moment spent with my friends.

i just hope that everything's fine. and hopefully will be on my way (it's not gonna happen ya?)however, despite all the things happen to me in this year i will always remember it. like i've heard before "don't cry for it,laugh coz it happens". =)

p/s: thanks for all the people that's always here by my side.always there when i needed. especially my mama and abah.they are all for me.my strenght!