Jan 28, 2009

oh my!

this is the final week of the hols! boring! thinking i haven't done this and that during the break. gosh. ergh! geram. masa betul-betul jeles dengan aku ni.

(from left: mocha, siti khalijah, azra, aidli 'alin' mosbit, and julie) after 'Gemuk Girls' theater at KLPac

& subba. new year outting

& syafik/duckie.

(from left: mocha, julie, irene, and kila) before charity concert 'music love children'.

& bryan. during charity concert 'music love children'.

(from left: sofie, irene, julie and mocha). after 'Gemuk Girls' play.

at the jetty for azra & nocha birthday celebration

(from left: aizek, li ying, dhepan, mocha and qila). during 'brand management' discussion.

above are the pictures that snapped last trimester. probably will meet the same person again in the pictures next trimester. hopefully. the previous sem, i took 4 subjects with 10 credit hours (which consider a lot and quite hard for short trimester and i never done that before since i only took the most, 3 subjects for short sem). well, what pass is pass and i've passed it all. luckily i manage to handle those 4 subjects.

just a quick review, what had happened the previous trimester.

- 'Gemuk Girls' theater at KLPac. (joined budak-budak yang amik theater as cocu)
- 'Music love Children' at main hall mmu. mmusic charity event for PERNIM. i was one of the crew under special task. peace!
- 2 presentation for Brand Management subject. oh, and a creativity to brand the team. the team name is 'Beckham' cause we are meant to be group no 7. it was fun though we look like 'poyo'.
- took National Dance class for cocuriculum last trimester. and i watched 'dance performance' at mini Malaysia, Melaka for report purposes.
- been very busy and intense with FYP1 (Final Year Project 1).

so, new trimester will begin next week. it's my second last trimester before i finished the study (cepat betul masa berlalu). lot of things to be done. benda dalam kepala sekarang ni adalah FYP2, BBQ birthday party, and vacations. need a lot of money, thinking/discussion/ideas, and time (especially).

p/s: welcome back to mmu students! may the new trimester be better than the previous trimester. good luck!

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