Jan 26, 2009

the lovely bella: cover bubbly

p/s: after so many days thinking whether i should or should not put this video, i suddenly came to the final answer. benda macam ni pun nak pening pikir. this is my own blog. i should do what i think i want to do. so, this is it. i enjoy playing bella so damn much even i do realize i don't know how to play it well enough. i only knows a little or two bout it. i am still learning. i want to share it with others though i know i am so not cool by putting this video but this is what i want.this is me, myself. if i didn't accomplish it, who whould have done it for me. i myself have to be confidence and firm with whatever things i wanted to do so much. care- less with what others think, the important is what satisfy me. coz we are powerless to satisfy others but we are able to satisfy our own self.

oh well, before i posted this video i do asked opinion from several people especially my mum and sis (family aku la pengkritik terhebat dlm hidup aku selama ni). wanna know what did they comment when i first showed them this video?

mama: "hahaha.. ceh ceh. bukan main lagi. tengok kepala angah, dik".
sis: haha..haha (dan haha lagi).

*lebih kurang macam ni la apa yg diaorang comment.maybe not exactly the same as what i wrote here*.

actually, i don
't even realize what did i do or what is my body language when playing 'the bella'. i just feel 'bestnye'.hehe. then, i asked the other question..

"then? how? should i put this video?".

they laugh AGAIN and agreed that i should give it a try and share it with others. so, apa lagi kawan-kawan. let's laugh together!!


Azlan Dawai said...

ada gaya la ko main gitar win

[Applemint] said...

i like her when she plays...
love em'...
it takes my breath away...


azwin khairuddin said...

thanks! love you guys. muahxx!