May 20, 2009

life taken me

ok. sekarang musim exam dah bermula. i've pass the first paper and still have another 4 more to go. see. i am so intense to not finally get to go jalan jalan and need to stay focus and worry for the papers. memandangkan cuti sem kali ni dua minggu je lagi la buat aku bengang! sengal sungguh. tak puas hati.

well, as for my nxt trimester yang akan start on june. around 14 ke 15 gitu. aku dah register 2 subject sahaja untuk 14minggu. dan kelas cuma ada pada hari selasa 3jam, rabu sejam dan jumaat 2 jam. seronok tak?

perlu ke aku cari kerja part-time? masih dalam dilema. dalam kepala macam-macam da pikir ni. boleh ada banyak sikit masa untuk aku ke kedai tolong mama dan meniaga samosa. huahua. makcik kaya!

so, misi aku sekarang adalah... rahsia~

May 10, 2009


hi! i was involved in Career Workshop for the weekend. it was damn awesome. i really had fun there though biasa lah ada luka-luka here and there. wait wait. i just got back from the camp and feel really exhausted.

i am planning to talk on this later on. actually there are too many things to be shared currently. i haven't update on the picnic trip to sagil, the retail exhibition, and many other events that happen currently.

so, basically i will post entries for this topic later but just wanna share the eagerness to talk bout it. since i am still busy rite now.. i just got back and i have presentatation tomorow morning, and i still need to figure out the best caterer for marketing dinner with azra and others. also, need to decorate the invitation card (this is the most exciting part for me)

till then~

May 7, 2009


who am i supposed to tell to? where shall i go? where shall i put all the burden? i am feeling damn hopeless, helpless right now. what shall i do? ya Allah. aku mohon petunjukmu. permudahkan la segalanya. i am really down. i have too much things on head. to think, to consider, to solve... oh my god. i really need to end it now. i am not as strong as anyone would be. i am such a tiny little creature that need someone to hold on me. i can't be on my own for all the times. at least, let me share it with somebody else. it's not that i want to burden others. but this is beyond my control. and the worse part is, i can't even tell to anyone even if i wanted to. again! what shall i do? i can't handle this anymore.. even if i tell it. i will just making things even worse don't i? now, if this is the obstacle and test for me. i shall redha and accept it isn't it? insyallah. with your will, i can stand up high again and be a better person afterwards. give me the strenghts almighty, so that i can give the best that i can do. amin.

mother's day special


just for my mum cover. (so7)

this song is dedicated to mama. happy mother's day to her with much love and respects.

p/s: ya i know i have pretty bad voice, and the video is bad also and i am not a good guitarist and what else?

May 6, 2009


is there any
'finally' word for me. fuh! life is so much fun right now isnt it? i had so much pleasure with life i live in.

*TETTTT!* that's not the right things to be said. ya. i am happy in some ways. unfortunately, i am currently STILL busy with study stuffs.

1. Final year project/research-the subject is for final year students. ini salah satu subject yang paling buat aku saket kepala. i've done with FYP report and submitted it yesterday BUT! i need to print and submit the harcover before next friday. and i need to do the presentation. ya. that's what marketers do arent they? this subject made me forgot that i need to sleep, eat and drink. i forgot! seriusly.. buat buat keje, suddenly the sun is rising and i was like, hell! i havent sleep yet. luckily its over. tomorow, i have an appointment with the gang to do the hardcover. hopefully everything goes well.

2. finance- written report doing Budget Malaysia 2010. i don't do finance. what did i do? just hentam and crap whatever i feel like reliable for the budget. haha. luckily finance subject have no presentation.

3. E-commerce- the assignment is basically we need to set up a b2b business and we have our own website sells our product. manek manek chantek is the name given. submitted writen report for e-commerce and there is a presentation for this subjects

4. strategic management subjects- written report was submitted and the presentation is tomorow and e-commerce presentation is the day after tomorow. what a life huh?

5. strategic marketing- my major subjects. tiring class yet interesting. wah! i have presentation and critic session every week for this subjects and basically there are two assignments that you need to do. first is the case analysis which you need to presnt or critic about the cases and secondly you are required to do the marketing plan for your business. the class is from 6pm to 10pm. what you expect? there are 6 groups in this class. so most of the assignments are group base which the lecturer decide who the groupmates are for you. however, the class is over now since its about a week plus for the final exam. and my last presentation for marketing plan was ok. so, enough about this class. will proceed to other subjects

6. retail management- my other major subject for the semester. the assignments is individually and group base. for the individual, we need to do the report for selected retail outlet in malacca. which we have done it and this asignment contribute 10% of the coursemarks and next assignment with 40% is retail exhibition where you need to get involve in designing the library of 21st century. the exhibition is for 2days and will be judges by the panel which are the other marketing lecturers. this assignment has caused me to stay up to finished up the library model and luckily it didnt turn out the way that i expected. i was expecting to be scolded for last minit work. am i that kinda person? now im wondering... hmm

except for the subjects and assignments i have other things also to be considered. which are:
1. career development camp- a course of 3 days 2 nights at asahan regarding how you will be interviewed and so forth.
2. marketing dinner- especially for marketing students who seems to be graduating soon.

p/s: currently not in the mood or forgot how to mix up color in the entry of my blog. so, let it be this way la. lagipun bosan la. nanti ramai gak yang dah nak grad and leave me with another sem here with 2 subjects left. alah! bosan bosan. harap harap termakbul hasrat nak ke KB this holiday weyh! naek KTM. syiok kot. atau mesti penat. but after all. tak kesah la janji dpt jalan!