May 10, 2009


hi! i was involved in Career Workshop for the weekend. it was damn awesome. i really had fun there though biasa lah ada luka-luka here and there. wait wait. i just got back from the camp and feel really exhausted.

i am planning to talk on this later on. actually there are too many things to be shared currently. i haven't update on the picnic trip to sagil, the retail exhibition, and many other events that happen currently.

so, basically i will post entries for this topic later but just wanna share the eagerness to talk bout it. since i am still busy rite now.. i just got back and i have presentatation tomorow morning, and i still need to figure out the best caterer for marketing dinner with azra and others. also, need to decorate the invitation card (this is the most exciting part for me)

till then~

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