Jan 1, 2009

new year.

this new year eve is not as usual.as when i used to celebrate during my school time.my teenage time. (gosh!how old am i?)hang-out with friends,lepaking at town tunggu count down.but mostly bile dah nk dekat count down my mum akan bawak my cousins all join utk tengok bunga api.that was in johor.i really miss johor and all my memory there.it is a place where i grew up, learnt a lot of things.and malacca take over when i was in form 5.boring.maybe because im to used to johor's environment.i feel like malacca people don't fit me well.there are much different from me.i had not much friends here.untill i met my other friends in mmu malacca.hehe.oh, oritie.let's get back to the new year story for 2009.

i can see that everybody has their new aim for this year in their mind.ramai orang kat kawasan jusco tadi.and i met someone i knew back in tmn damai johor.what a pleasant.if im not mistaken his name is aman tonjet. new year ni celebrate dengan tengok wayang je.with subba, syafiq, julie and amad.tapi kat mbo kiteorang jumpe azra,khei,jujue and her friend.so, kiteorang kinda sit together la tadi.

macam-macam berlaku di tahun 2008. i manage to survive even it is hard for me to swallow.(seriusly!). my new year's aim?just like subba's question on me. i answer it with the same answer as previous year. "to fluent in english and to wear tudung".that's my aim that i haven't fulfill yet. and she will response with the same action as i expected from before "u tak habis-habis dengan azam tu". i will miss them.will miss all the moment spent with my friends.

i just hope that everything's fine. and hopefully will be on my way (it's not gonna happen ya?)however, despite all the things happen to me in this year i will always remember it. like i've heard before "don't cry for it,laugh coz it happens". =)

p/s: thanks for all the people that's always here by my side.always there when i needed. especially my mama and abah.they are all for me.my strenght!

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