Jan 18, 2009

wake-up call!!

time is moving faster each day,man. there are so many things to be done at time which make me feel panic, piss off, and many kinda feelings come altogether. this is really sick! tired of all this. can i just make it stop even for awhile? gosh. this life might be tiring for me but hopefully all this worth. does everyone felt the same as me? i'm now on holiday, semester break but there are tons of things to do.

i need to do my FYP 2 (study SPSS, develop the questionnaire, do more research), playing games, settle the PTPTN stuff, window shopping(especially to survey the phone to replace nancy), helping at home, helping at shop, helping mama prepare kuih for the tender, search for chord, license, prepare for the bbq birthday party next sem and many more.

however, the most essential thing to do now is my FYP 2 but i am so malas to do it though. *sigh. well, supposedly i need to meet the lecturer during the hols but i do nothing. i don't want to be scolded in her office for not doing anything and come empty handed. i am currently finishing the first week hols with doing nothing. haha. i 'm busy finishing the 'dinner dash' game untill the 2nd round going to 3rd now. and wake up late everyday coz i sleet late the night before. apa nak jadi ni? wake up! wake up! girl, u are wasting your time u know???

p/s: i realize i might end-up tired because of less rest and i might be sick and feel so damn malas lagi if i continue this kind of habbit. entah la.when hols come, i always try my best to rest the whole hols since we only have a short period of hols man. kusut la mmu ni. so i take the oppurtunities to revenge masa-masa yang tak dapat rehat time semester start due to assignments and all. ergh! geramnya.bye!

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• ɐɹzɐ • said...

jgn sebut fyp. gerun i.
baru nk relax, u sebut psl fyp.
terus xsenang duduk.
btw, i tag u! :)