Jan 14, 2009

happy birthday babe!


"happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to azra,
happy birthday to you."

this is the song we sang when she first entered the karoke room at The Jetty near 12 a.m on 10th January. she with her housemate nocha were celebrating their birthday the same day which is 10th January (tapi azra celebrate 22nd birthday nocha 19 kot). so, the party was meant for the two of them. it was a blast though having only a few of us (12 persons). the night was great. i am having fun and hopefully they felt the same too.especially for the birthday girls. we sing along untill 2 a.m in the morning because we have booked the room for 3 hours and get free 2hours. haha. it was really fun and enjoyable. that was my first time (going to the jetty for karoke) and definately not the last time. i am planning to go there soon! haha. kemaruk~

well, after the karoke session, we go makan-makan at 'asam pedas' Kota Laksamana. great! dah penat menyanyi dan after full of sweet cake ( chocolate indulgence), we finally get to eat something spicy. sedap! hehe. i had asam pedas ikan pari for that so-called supper. then, as i arrived home it was nearly 4 o'clock in the morning. apa lagi, i had to hear the dad's nag. but afterall, it was really really really fun. thanks to all for inviting. (berapa banyak kali aku dah sebut fun tu.hehe)

Happy Birthday to Azra and Nocha! well for others, Happy Hols and see you guys next sem...

p/s: my handphone tak ade pun gambar-gambar on that day =( so tak boleh nak upload and share to all.

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