Jan 7, 2009


in this real world, we came to know many kinds of people,human being. in any form of relationship. friends, relative, colleague, boss, teacher/lecturer, mother, father, siblings and many more. however among all this relationship, there is always a ties that holds the persons together- a bond. furthermore, this bonding relation must always be tie with trust. believe me, trust and sincerity is the most essential thing in relation. without those elements, the relation might end up in negative way.

i assume that most of people in this entire world have friends. but a friend that does not know how to appreciate their other friend are such a hopeless person. as a quote says that " when you stop sharing means you stop the relationship", if the other friend does not have the feel that you are happy being their friend so what's the point of being their friend anyways? but after all, people are blind sometimes. they do not even see the flaws in their relation. they are too kind and nice for the friends and yet their friends took advantages on them for being such a humble and nice person. no! do not be that kind of person. we have to know what is best for us.

and the most things to avoid is a betrayal. this always happen among friends. i always tell myself that "the main enemy is the one that's beside and near us, not the one that we think as our enemy". im sure that most of us won't prefer to talk or be nice to our enemies rite? we try to avoid them as good as we could. but not with the friends or person near us, because person that know us best is actually the one who knows our weakness and therefore, they know how to bring us down. it is so sad to have a friend like this-a back stabber! try to avoid this kind of person. oh gosh! how i wish it is as easy as to talk about it. taking action and discuss on it is not the same thing to be done. it takes a lot of effort and initiative also a strong guts to make it happen.

p/s: orang yang mempunyai hati yang BUSUK dan mementingkan diri sendiri tak akan pernah selamat dalam hidupnya.dia akan selalu ditimpa musibah. jadi apa la salah nya berkongsi bersama dengan yang laen. cuba untuk berkongsi dengan hati yang ikhlas tanpa mengharap sebarang balasan. insyallah, dengan izin tuhan dia akan merahmatimu. dan percaya la, setiap kali musibah melanda doa dari orang yang anda telah berkongsi itu akan menjadi rahmat atau berkat untuk anda menuju kejayaan. dan jika anda bertemu kejayaan, jangan lah alpa dan lalai untuk bersyukur kepadanya dan tiada salahnya jika anda juga mahu berkongsi kejayaan itu dengan yang lain terutama sekali keluarga, rakan-rakan dan sahabat handai. nescaya mereka jua tidak akan segan dan silu untuk berkongsi suka dan duka bersama anda. dan ingatlah bahawa kehidupan di dunia ini sementara dan akhirat yang kekal selamanya! ya Allah jauhkan la aku,keluarga dan rakan-rakan ku daripada terjerumus dalam golongan orang-orang sedemikian. ampuni dosa kami, bersih dan sucikan hati kami supaya hidup kami diredhai.amin.


En. Manto said...

What we need isn't same as what we want, and sometime what we need is not always what we'll get. Just pray and be humble to ALLAH is what we can do cause whatever happen are behind our ways...

azwin khairuddin said...

yeah. i believe that 'whatever happens, there's always reasons behind it'. ALLAH know what best for us. so, we just need to redha with it and be glad