Jan 19, 2009


introducing Preciousca-bella. The one and only guitar i have and credit to Subba and Syafik for this very lovely present. i feel so gifted and happy though it's already 2 years old but i can still remeber the day i was given this lovely present. shocked and grateful. man, i longed to have a guitar since i was 14, 15 years old..and have it came true during my 19th birthday (dec '06). thank you so much. i've been bless for having good friend like you guys.

well, that is not the exact story for this blog.

i assume and believe that everyone have their own secret or might be a problem or burden that they might kept it deep inside or express it out loud. well, for me some are better left unsaid and some should be said. it depends. so, i am currently having tons of problems right now which i might prefer not to mention it here. however, i would rather said that this blog is one of the medium for me to release or distract my attention to only think of the problem matters. it's tiring man. even my brain could jamm one day thinking of it.

as we grow older day by day, we tend to think a lots of things compare to when we were younger. i can still recall the time when i was small, still in kindergarten. the only things in mind was my barbie doll or toys that i wanted to buy that time. so, mainly that was the only problem i had. other things i won't care to bother. my mum did the thinking of what i should wear and what i should eat. NOW, everything matters to me. what i should do tomorrow, for the future, the studies, the family matters, the money, the friends, people arounds me and lots of other things. can you see the different? therefore, we tend to feel annoy when things get slow a long the way. i.e. trafic jamm when we are in a hurry coz there are other things to be done. i understand it now. why abah hate trafic jamm or being in crowded places. it just piss him off because he finds it not worth it since he got many other things to do rather than being in that kinda situation.

oh, the bella is the most important creature to me since i always play her for the sake of making me happier even for a lil bit. will do. i feel like she always understand what my feelings are. sometimes i dont understand it but i can feel that it's nice to touch her when i feel like i need to cry on someone. and because not everyone can understand what you feel at time. but bella does. even bella doesnt fix the problem directly but she did it indirectly. i try to clear my mind when i strum her strings (and it works), and then i will be more rational and positive bout things.

that's all. i am down, frustrated, lazy, don't feel like hearing or having anymore problem right now and i am currently not in the mood for anything other than playing games, playing bella, and online especially blogging. bye

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• ɐɹzɐ • said...

u ni. ckp julie xde chatbox.
u pun same.
i tag u lg!