Jan 21, 2009

tag by azra

A. Attached or single?
= both! ya. both! haha. depends on the situation. boleh gitu?

B. Best friend?
= for now, i only have one bestest best friend. she's rahmah. friends that knows me quite well are my bestfriend including the person who taged me. we can have tons of best friend but we can only have several true friends.am i right? - and i have mine. period

C. Cake or pie?
= i chuz cake instead of pie. since i only eat apple pie (memang sedap azra. u make me want it now.hehe). actually, i don't really favor cake and pie but i still can eat it.

D. Day of choice?
= sunday. haha. coz i was born on sunday. that's why my name starts with the letter 'a'. oh, because sunday is 'ahad' in malay.

E. Essential item?
= for now, my mind is saying that the bella.

F. Favorite color?
= anything that suits me.usually i chuz red and brown or to be save, black. gosh. semua warna pun ok janji cantik

G. Gummy bears or worms?
= gummy bears

H. Hometown?
= johore

I. Favorite indulgence?
= chocolatie too. same like azra

J. January or July?
= july. coz it's the middle of the year. boleh?

K. Kids?
= i don't know how to handle kids actually. it's not that i hate them but i don't have any feelings towards them. but one day i might have one.

L. Life isn’t complete without?
= a stable prinsip in life. especially your iman. what you believe.

M. Marriage date?
= can't think of any. perhaps 20.12.2012 sebab tak ade da bulan 13. boleh? cepat juga tu sebenarnya. gatal sungguh minah pemalas ni, entah sape la nak kat aku pun tak tahu ;p

N. Number of magazine subscriptions?
= don't have one

O. Orange or apple?
= i don't eat fruits regularly. but i'd chuz apple

P. Phobias?
= err... could be any animals or 'top gun' (sumpah seram naek tu)

Q. Quotes?
= journey of thousands miles start with the first step.

R. Reasons to smile?
= to be loved by the family and anything. i love smiling coz people said that i have cute smile.har har har

S. Season of choice?
= summer. hehe. mana ade musim-musim kat malaysia ni.tapi yang penting jangan la musim sejuk. i rather berpeluh dari kesejukan.

T. Tag 5 people
= azlan dawai, julie(dah buat), azra(dah buat), syia, farah

U. Unknown fact about me?
= pndai azra. hehe. i can't think of any. sorry

V. Vegetable?
= haha. i don't like vegetable.

W. Worst habit?
= i used to have it. but not currently having it now. so, i don't have to mention it right? hehe

X. X-ray or ultrasound?
= should i pick?

Y. Your favorite food(s)?
= nasi goreng kampung

Z. Zodiac sign
= sagit.

p/s: thanks to azraniah for this tag. seronok!

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