Mar 26, 2009

reminder to myself!

live your life! care a damn with people who talks behind your back. you can't even stop them though. just stay the way you are. be proud of what you have (but please don't get too overboard). live the life for your own good, your own happiness. ignore people that don't bother to appreciate your hardship, your sincerity and your kindness. stop pleasing them babe.. move on! perhaps you will never know what you will get in future, what will you found along the way. heard this once 'smile! because you never know who might fall for your lovely smile'. aren't it true? if you want to cry along the way, just go with it. no one push you to. but don't blame anyone if you were to be left alone in this entire world. well, to live life to the fullest is important. your life, your choice! you decide it. if you are not the one who fight for your happiness, who would?

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