Mar 4, 2009

tagged bg julie

1. Name one person who always texts you.
one? friends of my. they are a few of them

2 . Name one negative thing about you?
i am mean

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
helping mum at shop.

4. Sport you wanted to learn?
i hate sport. maybe i would chuz swim coz i love to swim

5. Ever tried gymnastics?
yeah. on my own. hehe

6. What was the last thing you bought?
toasted bread with milo ice

7. Do you talk a lot?
only to certain people.

8. Where is your brother?

9. How was your day yesterday?

10 . Are you an optimistic one?
might be

11 . People describe you as....
i heard that they said i am petite but loud

12. Contented in life?

13. Are you happy with the love of your life
grateful for the love i have in life. thanx to family and friends too

14. Do you skip meals?

15. Do you consider yourself smart?
nope. i'm average

16. What color is your gate?

17 .Are you typically a jolly person?

18. Name one enemy of yours:
any animal. or specifically cats,cockroach,rats . haha.

19. Name one close friend:
the one that cross my mind right now is rahmah. *wink (even she's not even close or right beside me right now)

20. Who's the first person in your phone list?
◘ . abg zam. ( do not misinterpret it. it just happen that way because his name starts with the letter a)

21 . What did the last text message your received say?
"im home! are you done with the presentation?"

22. Do you go to gym?
never in life

23. Song playing at the moment:
i'm not listening to any songs right now

24.How do you cope with stress?
depends. sometimes i express it or keep it. mostly, blogging, screaming, writing, mumbling and scolding

25.Ever broken someone's heart?
probably yes

26.What makes you happy?
being loved

27. What is the last thing you said aloud?
"ma! i want kopi o. a bit sweet and do not mix it with warm water ya?"

28. Is someone bitter to you?
nope. not at this current moment

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