Mar 4, 2009

birthday + so called farewell party

let's take a look of pictures taken during the party!

not interested??

care a damn! :p

.GDOs with Duckie.

the rawks me! one of my favorite picture of a bunch

having fun huh GDOs??

jules, azra, syafiq, kila, and me

gil, irene, sofie, jules, me and syafiq

the party was held on 25th February 2009. at syafiq's house. night.

p/s: this might be the last sem for me to meet you guys. i feel so pleasant to have known you guys in my life. you guys are so great! i am really having fun for the entire days with you guys (obviously! there's always ups and downs in relationship, but i do enjoy those moment. it is safely kept in my mind always) and so glad that we met. so, make sure we will keep in touch always, have a better future and take care!


En. Manto said...

x dpt makan free...

azwin khairuddin said...

tu la.sapa suh ko xmakang!