Mar 7, 2009

tag from azra


Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you.
At the end, choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

  1. my family are the most precious people in my life and i would definitely fall without them. they are my everything. the strength in me.
  2. i love things that i love. i have plenty of them. alhamdulillah.
  3. I hate things that annoyed me especially yang bulat-bulat. eii. geram. i would definitely destroy it.
  4. i care and love certain people. ya. sometimes, for no reason required. this is serious. bila aku dah syg memang aku syg sgt dan cuba jaga hubungan tu. apa-apa hubungan pun aku akan value. sb aku selalu cuba hargai setiap apa yang aku terima.
  5. I value things that happen previously since i'm trying not to regrets things but laugh cause it happen to me instead.
  6. i hate cat. period
  7. my favorite no is 7 and 2
  8. i dislikes any animal
  9. i have lack of ability to control my anger. i tend to scold people for no reason when i gets angry and everything won't seems right to me.
  10. only for certain people, i can confess what i felt to that particular person. sure, it takes time
  11. i love pretty things. comel!
  12. aku banyak songeh. in sense, i have rules and regulation on CERTAIN THINGS
  13. i have my own bad side that people hate. i know that
  14. i do my best for things that i need the most but sometimes the hardship doesn't pay. maybe it is not enough.
  15. i can't stand seeing my parents suffer. i want to make them happy and enjoy their every moment of life.
  16. i hate when people don't understand what i meant

The lucky 10:

  1. dean- he's the first in the list of fren here.
  2. alia- cozie with blog
  3. azlan dawai - juz for the sake of doing this tag
  4. emma - for her to try something from me
  5. erin - to keep in touch
  6. farah - couzie yang tak buat-buat my tag.hehe
  7. fyz - just to keep in touch and hope she'll do this
  8. inn - another tag for her to do
  9. ekin - first time tagging her. new frend
  10. rainme - simply