Mar 8, 2009


family of mine

this is a sudden entry which i just wrote without even thinking or planning what should be said here. well, basically i wanted to tell what i did and will be doing this weekend since we had a pretty long weekend cause the Monday is Maulidurasul and might be a holiday to many areas. friends are all going back to their hometown which i have none - in sense of, i don't have to pack things and travel to go back to hometown since i stay with my family and not staying on my own. my brother came back from terengganu. he took leave and that equal to him having holiday from Wednesday till Monday. so, probably he will be back on Sunday or Monday. the plan was to go Batu Pahat (since there's some problem happening back there), then Kuala Lumpur. well, we went nowhere. so, along brought me and nana my lil sis to catch some movie at town and perhaps the next day we would go to seaside (dia teringin nak mandi laut pula). before the movie after maghrib, me and mama brought him to Mahkota on the afternoon since he needed a pair of new shoe to work.

after the movie, 'watchman' which was totally a disappointment for the three of us ,along told mama that he want to go back the next day noon. mama was pretending to be calm but i knew she wondered why. along seems dead tired. might be because i headed him the wrong direction to Mahkota and we got stuck in trafic jamm. the siblings gone through mouth war in his car. blaming each other for not showing the best way to go to Mahkota without facing traffic jamm. i was always the one who responsible to show the way, making decisions and so forth. generally, i am a mother most of the time when mama were not around with us. but i admit that they also did it several time but what im saying is the most time, it always been me. now i should bare the consequences. we made up easily like we used to everytime we had a fight. then along decided to go to MBO instead of going to Mahkota. so, he headed us there and watch at MBO. the first choice to go to Mahkota was because we have a lot of choice of movies there compare to MBO. and that's the reason why we had to watch 'watchman'. that movie kinda sucks and too long. my head spinning untill now and we all were starving like hell. fortunately mama brought us some food and then she drove me and nana out for asam pedas nearby. abah went fishing with friend and along was asleep tightly at home. mama cracking our head out asking this and that trying to figured out why did along changed his mind. i am wayy out of mood but i still can manage it im sure. my head still spinning, guess i need some sleep.

this is it. i am done for the plans. sorry to my couzie cause i can't make it. she did sms me asking when i will be there, Batu Pahat. she might been missing us. the next sms i get was this evening she asked whether we can't make it though. unfortunately, i had no credit left to reply her. gosh! then i asked mama to call them right away. i worried that they might wondering why we kept silent and not responding to them. i miss them too. happy holidays to me and hopefully, this holidays give me more time to finished all my undone work. amin.

p/s: be sure to yourself and do trust it with all your heart. when you feel confident with yourself you might influence others to trust in you also. never have regrets in life. ('p/s' is basically something that i would note to the readers and my ownself)


inn said...

kesian sis kne persalahkan,sis bukan ahli nujum yang boleh tahu jalan tu nk sesak ke x.kankan?

azwin khairuddin said...

yeah. totally right. but that's normal to us. blaming each other and we stand to be the one that's rigth. so typical us.hehe. tp adik beradik. air dicincang xputus.