Mar 29, 2009

Earth Hour

hai to all!

have you guys heard of the 'Earth Hour'?

something that got to do with the global warming and all. if i'm not mistaken, Malaysia fall for no 7 to support this event. Welldone! (the lucky 7, i like! hehe). Many local celebrities also were involved in supporting this event.

at first, i was thinking to participate and support it and turn the light off today at 8.30pm for one hour. well, i did swith off all the lights at home before going to 'kedai' to help mama around 6.30pm. but i am pretty sure abah had turn it on when he went back home for maghrib prayer. know what? i just let it be. hehe.

at 'kedai', we didn't turn off the lights although we were aware of it since the TV is on and TV3 (tv station that support this charity event) reminded everyone to participate. we were busy serving the customers, i don't think it is an appropriate action to be taken coz i still think it's kinda rude to switch it off while people were busy eating. but i saw Petronas station nearby did switch the lights off for an hour (salute them!). Good job!

well, what's on my mind is.. and what me and some people at 'kedai' were discussing on our disagreement of the chosen time to switch off the lights which is 8.30 pm. we think that it's a peak time and during that time, people were busy doing their necessary things or might be doing things that's very important to be finished. what we supposed is to make it at midnight or later than the time chosen.

the event had past. nothing else we can do or i could do. maybe they have millions of good reasons behind all this of why they had to choose that particular time, or any other things related.

Overall, i still think that this event is good to unite people and it's kinda fun actually.
welldone Malaysians!


emma gila said...

pizza hut pun tak padam lampu haha

azwin khairuddin said...

haha. emma emma

avenue said...

actually earth hour ini bisa kapan aja, anytime. cuma maybe hari itu kan jadi globally ya azwin hehe.
participate kan masi banyak cara, misalnya dengan mengurangi pemakaian plastic bag bila tengah shopping and then we always switch the lights kan bila mau tidur hehehe