Mar 30, 2009

favorite movie

i like this movie!! though i don't have the cd but i've watch the movie that i borrowed for many times. now, i miss to watch it since i've given back the cd. really felt like wanna watch it damn so much. and and i want to suggest this movie to you guys. my own opinion of this movie would be:

1. rare and one of a kind
2. not too slow and not too fast
3. moderate yet so damn interesting
4. i've watch the actors and actresses act before but don't seems interesting to watch them as they were in this movie.
5. plus! this movie have lotsa great songs and the theme song is by GIGI

i can't really explain this though. catch it out yourself. no promises. if you are interested, try watch this movie. chill!


inn said...

nie crite endon kan sis?

dari sini lah inn suka membakar kek,sb tgk brownie dye macam sedap.kan2

azwin khairuddin said...

yeah. cerite indon ni. sedap kan? kan?

Anonymous said...

az aku pun pnah tgk cter
gurl tu sweet la..nazra