Mar 25, 2009


i had a week of holidays for midterm break. this is what i've been long for, to finally get rest and finish my work without a busy life of needed to go to class and meeting for assignment.

before the hols begins, me and friends had gathered to discuss what should we do for marketing plan assignment and for that, i've been left with works for the hols. unfortunately, i fall sick and my lappy was infected with virus. such a damn damn situation isn't it?

however, everything is under control now, with the help of some friends and family support, i manage to handle it all. thanks to them. too much things happen beyond our expectation rigth? i'm getting better and my lappy is ok now. so, i decided to start with tons of works that waiting me.

i need to study for finance and e-commerce (midterm exam), need to finished up with the questionnaire for the Final Year Project, i have to finish up the assignments (retail management trip, marketing plan, study the Aligator case, Finance, etc etc). damn! it is too much now. (i 'damn' on things too much am i? sorry. no offense) luckily, im getting better now. or else i can't even do anything with this unwell body. i will only be lying down and do nothing. that's why i hate to fall sick. the time is tick tacking so i need to get going. all the best and have a nice day to all!!

p/s: try clicking at the ads on my left side of blog. it's about showing malaysian are united. i don't quite understand it. hehe. but what i'm sure is there will be something going on on 28th March from 8.30 pm. so.. beware!

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