Mar 10, 2009

bestest bestfriend

i have been telling a lot about myself, about what i like and dislike, introduce this and that in my life. now, i would love to tell more about my friends back in Johor. basically, the photos below are my best friends from secondary school except the two of them, rahmah and jiah coz i know them since primary. i wish i can turn back time. to be with them like we used to. but know that things won't be the same as before. time change our life. if i were to live in pontian, johor still, i won't be able to spend the time with them like before. we all have our own life, to achieve what we need to achieve in life to work and continue the studies. oh i miss them so much now.

mocha with rahmah (bestest bestfriend.always will be)

few hours ago i message her telling her something important to me and might be to her as well. the engagement has been postpone. as usual, she is the first person to know this (other than my family). i always wanted her to be here with me. this has been very hard for me lately but i knew i have life to move on with. I'm not sure how to tell the others but I'm sure this is not the point and it's not a big deal at all. might be because i think too much that cause me a headache. me and her doesn't contact to often though but we both care for each other. we share everything we could especially important things. we advice each other to keep holding on with life, to handle life well, to coop with anything that come along the way, to manage own self and always remind each other how important life and future are. so, that is basically bout us. she is the most closest friend to me even we haven't met for ages.

mocha with jiah

her name is najiah. me, her, and rahmah are friends since primary school. i knew her in standard 4. she is my classmate and met rahmah in standard 6 and since that time rahmah had become my closest friend. i used to hung out at jiah's house after school since her house is just in front of our school. a lot of memory there. i believe we won't even forget that.

mocha with nazra

i met nazra in secondary school. we became close since form3. it's a bit later compare to rahmah and jiah. we used to have boyfriend that are friend too so we will have a double date. but that was then. i miss those time, really.

mocha with ayu

she really look like her name 'ayu' (beautiful i guess). she always act mature compare to the other. she is cool. i knew her since form 3 same with nazra. now she's working and everybody is busy with their own life and they had other friends for sure. things really change but I'm sure we're still good friends. i miss them so much and really do want to meet them.


Anonymous said...

az..terharunye wif diz entry...
sedey pun ade..rndu sgt zaman2 dulu..
i miss u so much dear..ble kte nk reunion ber 5?walaupepun,u must remember diz..u r always my best frenz dulu dan selamanye...!!!
love u...

Anonymous said...

sory lupe nk ltak name..hehe..nazra.