Apr 27, 2010

a sigh

i have flaws
and i have so much scar
that not to be shown

i cried and laugh
i fall and rise
i did it all by myself

you'll have friends n family
who cares to death about you
there's no doubt bout it
but in the end
you'll still die alone

the fact is
no matter how hard
you've been trying
to explain n tell others
bout the thing you feel
bout everything you've thought
anything across your mind
you'll finally find
your ownself who struggling
to find the way out

no one could ever do anything
if you refuse to help yourself
no one would believe you could
if you ignore to feel and believe in you

you could ask help by anyone in the whole world
but remember, still you yourself
who should help yourself at the first place
you are responsible for everything that happen
and god knows
god knows everything
leave the rest to him
and he'll guide you to the right path

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