Apr 2, 2010

Nokia E71 red

Nokia E72

which one is worth buying?
which one caused less problem to users?
which phone will you recommend to other?
tell me now! ASAP.
could you state the drawbacks and good things bout these phone please, only if you have any. hehe.
sharing is caring aite. tell me bout it ya?
i would really love to know your experiences with the phone.

p/s: Help! Help!


syia said...

win..nk beli ke yg cam ni.. alahai win ni kan comei.. ni phone ni cam besor je.. awat x ambik yg slide ke?

azwin khairuddin said...

syia: minat gak nk beli slide.yg model E66 tu. tapi bila ada yg e72 ni rasa mcm suka lak. sb win suka no 2 gan 7 tu. haha. boleh lak camtu