Dec 26, 2009

it's not the time

rumah aku di pecah masuk baru-baru ini on monday. that damn f**kers stole my laptop, abah's ps2 and mama's zulian things. for everything happen for reasons i believe it did. but the fact that i am so very love my almost-10years-laptop had caused me feeling so damn sad and down. i'm still in trauma. still having nightmares. it's not as easy as saying it 'sabar je la'. yes, because i know there's nothing much that i can do. at least i have to be grateful that we're safe.

tapi lantak lah. the important thing is that my life goes on. i am still trying. trying to recover as soon as possible. i will be entering a new life after this. all the best to me!

1 comment:

• azra • said...

i'm so sorry 4 u, win.
it must be a frightening thing.
ms my sister's purse n handphone kene curi ms wedding pn, i mengiggil da.
hopefully, something good comes out of this.
and i hope that sinful person dies a tragic and painful death.