Jan 1, 2010

.new year review.

it all happen too fast. feels like baru semalam lepas SPM. time envy me so much huh. i've been through so much things in life. even some people might think that it's not as good as theirs or what so ever but i love mine. good or bad it is, it's very essential. all memories, experiences shall not fade. all mine.

there goes my uni life,
there goes my laptop,
my hindi songs,
my favorite songs,
my MJ's songs,
my movies,
my p***,
my picture,
my videos,
my hardship during uni-assignments,
there goes my so-called-pleasure of jalan-jalan satu melaka with mama and cik ani,
there goes my long hair,

too much to list. nanti bila ingat update lagi lah.

well. this is the review. panjang lebar. farewell 2009.

p/s: hello to 2010; A380 FLELP and IOFLE

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