Jan 1, 2010

new year entry again

i'm experiencing a transformation in life, which i hate it so much. i hate changes since before born ;p well, this is life. transformation is for good (or might be for bad). i always believe that everything that God's wrote has it own reasons. i bet, mine as well. my love life, personal, working life, study life and etc. it all happened for reasons. i'm the one who should learn from it. to muhasabah diri. to sit awhile and think deeply why it had to happen. there must be reasons.

i faced challenged in life, i know i can make it this time because a very big prize will come soon if i stay patient. i know i have to accept it. i've gone so far i can't turn back, what's best that i could do is to leave the rest to God after trying the best to work it out. usaha tangga kejayaan. tuhan berikan ujian untuk menguji sejauh mana tahap kita ni untuk dia beri ganjaran atau mungkin ujian/dugaan yang seterusnya.

the new year eve. happy new year. aku mengambil kesempatan ini untuk berubah tidak secara drastic tetapi sedikit demi sedikit. i know now, this is one of the reason why God's wrote my fate this way. every problems have its own solution. aku cuma mampu bertawakal kepada-Nya. aku dah cuba yang terbaik, aku sentiasa berdoa supaya tuhan tunjukkan aku jalannya. amin

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