Oct 9, 2007

afraid of losing YOU

i know things seem fucking unclear to us
understand that this seem unfair to you
i can feel that you've been avoiding me
all this while you try not to talk to me

what the hell do you think u are?
u are hurting me with what u been doing
u seem dont bother to consider me
u are so far and out of reach

i left alone here with the hurts
knowing the facts that u wont care
hell i cry till the last tears drop
and that is when i can see the star

the star shines so brightly
till i can feel that i was smiling
it also said that i smile lovely
and the star told me to stop crying

now that u are back and be by my side
i am glad that u still wanna be with me
once u said that u also feel hurt
and damn im sorry for hurting u

u always there whenever i need u
please dont leave me again this time
i hope that we will always be together
and let GOD knows that i dont wanna loose u as a frend

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