Jul 23, 2009

the type of dream

Hello. In this entry i would love to discuss on ‘dream’. I believe that most of us have had it right? Well, let’s just start with the nightmare. My younger sister was away (i mean, she’s not staying with us at home since she’s apparently somewhere else studying) and last night mama called her. While mama was so anxious bercerita pasal rumah along (big brother) masuk pencuri awal tengahari tadi, the sister was shocked cause she dreamt bout it before. Dia mimpi ade orang tak dikenali masuk bilik dia and when she asked, the person nearly stabbed her. Gila seram kan?

It happens lebih kurang sama macam apa yang along lalui but this is not a dream, ni reality. Dia Nampak motor parking kat rumah dia, and when she got inside the house somebody was there. 2 person tengah geledah bilik orang and when along asked them what are they searching for, they just said that they were looking for Man (somebody’s name and i’m not sure whether along kenal or not that man). Semua bilik dah diceroboh, menurut along mereka sempat amik baju dari closet one of his friends. Bilik along dah kena masuk gak luckily his pc wasn’t stolen kalau tak menangis la. No one at home sebab Terengganu kan cuti, along pun cuti tapi dia still went to his office sekejap. I’m not quite sure whether it’s fortunate or not for being at that situation. Mana lah tau time along tegur pencuri tu diaorang ada senjata just like what my sister dreamt. Ya Allah. Tak terbayangkan.

Well, people. We need to be extra carefull now aite? Things are getting so.. i don’t know. People are not afraid of rules anymore i guess. They don’t behave, they have no manners. I don’t understand. Adakah aku pun seperti mereka? Tepuk dada Tanya selera.

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