Oct 23, 2009


we live with people surrounds us.
they are all around us.
the one we call enemies
and our loves one

but we don't love one person at one time
we love mama and at the same time we love abah
we love him yet we love the friends

love spreads
i believe we have it all here
everywhere though
it can't be seen nor touch
but the invisible do exist
don't it?

life is not always about one self
it contains more than that
it carries a lot more than just 'me'
everything evolves
everything counts

sometimes if we want it desperately
we might end up letting it go for the sake of better outcome
and there's time when we just go for it
by being as selfish as we could be
praying that everything would be fine for everyone
include us

but most of all
whatever we do or would do
we should always
consider all the possibilities and opportunities
that would come along the way
i can see that now
and i believe i should have it a try
to learn a lesson in facing life

p/s: just a girl and her will to survive

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