Feb 6, 2010

the dell

ok guys, choose the best out of these two.

which one is worth spending?
which one that you feel like want to have?

it's actually the same model Inspiron 14 by Dell.
the only different is the color.
now. what say you?


• azra • said...

merah! merah! my boss have it and it's such a cool colour. btw, putih cepat kotor! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

mine is white baby!

azwin khairuddin said...

apa korg ni. bagi jwapan terlalu fair. sorg merah sorg putih. haha. i've bought it. red. and my baby dell name is della-cious. coz it's red as apple. nyum nyum

Anonymous said...

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• azra • said...

yeah! i menang! oyeah~