Feb 26, 2010

shopping list

can i have it here?


1. mouse/mice for my della
2. della shirt. :)
3. flip flop
4. pump shoe
5. bracelet/ necklace
6. books
7. diary/ notebook

thank you.

p/s: how i wish i could also get other stuffs that beyond my budget. hehe. i wanted to have new handphone, and nikon.


♥ jυℓєѕ said...

me tooooo....i'm haunting for nikon D5000...!!!! oh della is for dell is it dear?

oh and my wish list go on and on....kalo ikut nafsu mmg tak pernah puas. hehe

♥ jυℓєѕ said...

and i'm craving for a blackberry bold! or storm! gila nafsu aku xnak kalah.... gudluck bebeh! lebiu!

azwin khairuddin said...

oh. xsilap tu mcm rudy nya kot. d5000. yep, della is my dell.

jyeah! gudluck to us