Feb 6, 2010

to beloved dad


you are the friend,
the person who always there when i need
the one whom i seek for advice
to console me when i'm down

to criticize me when you think i had to remove my bad attitude
to nag me when i was hardheaded
to scold me when i was wrong

i remember this time when you always spank us with ur belt
it hurts a lot and i feel like i hate you that time
but i knew deep down inside my heart
i love you so much
but i was too young to understand.

i remember you give us punishment
every-time we can't memorize the 'sifir' (multiply if i'm not mistaken)
i remember this once
i cried for mercy hoping that you would understand that i'm not feeling well
but you still asked me to memorize the shape in english.
i was dead mad.

but now i knew it why
you made me become someone
a person with dreams and hope
a better person to be precise

i know you only want the best of us, your children
you don't scold for nothing, you spank us because you love
but you always explain to us why you give punishment
i will always remember what you've always said
you told us that what you did is because you love and care
back then i don't understand it
but now i can see it.
i've gained the outcome.
it really is for our own sake not to you.
seeing us success in life is an achievement to the parents.

eventhough i am not like others that better than me
that studied oversea, become a doctor or whatsoever
i am purely proud to be your daughter
and hope that you are too.
i can't say more. you're the incredible dad, abah. love you always.